Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why do I love these people???

They are the most frustrating people in existence. Why is it that I'm the one that has to be organising everyone? Dan's lying on the couch napping, Mary looks at me blankly when I ask her what she wants to pack (so I just packed for her with her ordering, "Nup, not that. Yuck I don't wear that. Maybe that. Nup. Nup."

Mum woke me up at 5am to let me know that she'd booked the flights I'd been trying all day yesterday to book (stupid Philippine Airlines online booking system. Oh, and customer support, how about answering your phone or returning emails??). Thanks for that mum. I'll stick a gold star on your chart. After I murder you with a pitchfork. There's only so many 5am phone calls I can take, and the number is ZERO.

Spent the entire day in the city with her getting Mary's passport done and picking up the tickets for tomorrow. Mary's passport was the reason we didn't leave on Monday. Stupid, frustrating family. And it was raining all day. And my mum walks sooooo slowly. So annoying. Every ten metres I'd have to stop and wait. We had to walk down Pitt St - a long, straight street - and she got lost. I waited for her at the end of the block and she eventually shows up looking a little freaked and was all, "I got lost!!" How? It's a straight line! I think you all now know where I developed my innate sense of (mis)direction.

Anyway, it's done now. I came home and checked that I've got everything and checked over the tickets. Then I realised that these aren't tickets, they're itineraries. We've been issued e-tickets, which is what everyone uses these days. But if that's the case, why did we have to (very slowly) walk from Central Station to Town Hall to pick up tickets that could have been emailed to me????

Honestly, this is all such a waste of time. On Monday, after driving all the way down here only to find out that we weren't actually leaving that day, I was just about ready to not go any more. I can only see bad things coming from this week, especially because Mary and I have to share the queen-sized bed in the apartment, because apparently I'm only a slightly better alternative to sharing with mum. I just know I won't be getting any sleep. And coupled with the lack of sleep in the last week.... oh someone will be copping it. But you know what? They all deserve it because they are all shits.

And now I must go and book a taxi to take us to the airport tomorrow. Woot.

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