Monday, 9 March 2009

So I'm officially an alco.

Mardi Gras was way fun. I went in with Mike, Bec, Ben&Glen (their names together are too funny to separate!) and made them do a one hour detour to Leesha's house via my nan's. Love her so much. She said Mike looked like a 15 yr old. I quickly corrected her. Hell's no, he's not getting any compliments!!!

Went to Leesha's who hadn't actually arrived yet so we sat in her living room feeling a little awkward. Her housemates are a little weird - very alternative eg. tats, piercings, lots and lots of black - couldn't imagine Leesh living there, but she says she's settled in now and the housemates are lots of fun, which is good.

We went in separately from Leesha's house and eventually found each other. Of course, Mike and Bec had found a club with no entry fee so they were getting drunk in there. I had two drinks and was gone gone GONE! But there might be a medical reason for that - more later. I eventually met up with Daniel who was working at the parade and was patrolling past us. He could only stop for a second, but I of course managed to make a foolio of myself in that short space. I basically told the other cop with him that Dan bashed me and not to marry his half-filo girlfriend, or if he did, to watch his money. It's pretty safe to say though that they both just wrote me off as a drunken lush, but a few hours later when my tiny amount of alcohol wore off I was mortified. It was cool at the time though seeing Dan being asked to have his picture taken with little kids, with Glen (of Ben&Glen fame) and so of course I had to have one. If I ever learn to get photos off my phone I will eventually stick it up here.

Oh, and he also gave me $20. I asked if he had any money and he's like, I only have $20. Do you want it? I'm like, [duh face] err, YES. I had plenty of money, mind you, so I feel terrible that I asked him for money. I just wanted cash though and the nearest ATM was a whole 50 metres away. In my drunk-lush-state that felt like 20 kilometres. Hells no!

Anyway, parade was good. I almost missed Joan Rivers because she was on an ANZ float, and I'm like, Why should I cheer for a bank, so I had my bored face on. Then Beau's like, Sarah! It's Joan Rivers! So then I started screaming "I LOVE YOU JOAN RIVERS!!!!!!!!" Bitch didn't look at our side of the parade, she was busy talking to people on the other side of the road. Plastic-faced mole. Jokes!! I still love her!

Before we go any further, I should mention Rebecca's story. Ahhh, Rebecca. Bec didn't actually see the parade. She saw the bathroom floor and the toilet bowl. She was drunk drunk drunkety drunk drunk. Get the picture? Mike stayed with her in her drunkenness, bless him. Also, Bec got a whole lot of boob action. At the club we were at, early on one of the waitresses was wearing nothing but heels, a skirt, a lei and nipple covers in the shape of silver stars. She also seemed to take a liking to Bec and came to our table to straighten the cocktail menu and rub her boob on Bec's cheek. Funniest thing is that Bec was talking about her and her lack of clothing at the time and didn't notice her coming up, kept talking, didn't notice the booby rub, kept talking. We're all there pissing ourselves laughing. I thought she had come to take an empty glass away or something, but no - just the booby graze. Ah, Bec. The only thing I got out of the night was some random gay's tongue in my ear. Ewwwwwwww. I think that's worse than random boob-to-face.

Later on in the night is when things got weird. Leesh had left us to go to a party and we were going to meet back at her place when she got back. Bec and I were death and just wanted to go home to our beds to sleep in, and when we realised that Beau and Mark were going back to Newcastle we decided to give ourselves a lift with them. They didn't actually have a choice. So Mike decided to go back to the club with Ben&Glen and he'd drive back to Newcastle the next morning. A few seconds later Bec and I felt terrible so we decided that we'd stay at Leesha's after all and wait for Mike to come back the next morning. He'd have to go back to Leesha's cos we had his keys. If only his mobile hadn't died! Because we had Mike's keys, he didn't think we would have left them at Leesha's, so he caught a train back to Newcastle that night to get his spare ones and was going to train it back to Sydney that day to then drive his car back. But Bec and I were up from 6:30 waiting for Mike and getting more and more worried when he wasn't showing up. Luckily at about 10:30 I tried calling his mobile again and it was on, so we found out the whole story and Ben, Leesha's bf, is going to drive the car up today. Crisis averted, but very confusing and dramatic at the time.

Bec and I caught the train back to Newcastle, got home, I had a quick shower and had to hightail it to meet Emma and Matt, our Canadian friend we met on our Contiki tour of Newzealand, for dinner. It was so good catching up. He stopped in on his way up to Byron Bay and it was great catching up. But I was death. DEATH! I woke up sick on Thursday due to being run down from the zero sleep of late, and coupled with the 3 hours' sleep on Saturday night and catching trains and buses for over 3 hours due to track work, I was not looking and feeling great. But it was still good seeing him again.

So that was my weekend.

In news about my health, or lack-of, I went to the doctor on Thursday about my insomnia and asked for a bloodtest. He wouldn't give me a bloodtest, saying insomnia is all in the brain rather than something pathological (I have a brain! Now I just have the ask the Wizard for a heart and I'll be set! (courage shmourage!)). He said to take some panadol. I'm glad my medicare benefit is going to a worthy recipient. Then cos I was sick and didn't go to work the next day I needed a doctor's certificate and went to a different place. I got the cert and asked for a bloodtest and he's like, sure, whatevs. He didn't say it, but his face said it (I think he needs a heart from the Wizard too). Yesterday I got a call from the doctor about my test results and he's like, "Yeah, there's something wrong with your liver and you have some muscle breakdown. Come in this week to run some more tests. If you get sick or anything before you come in, of course go to the hospital." Thanks, Dr. Reassurance. Lol. I'm not worried or anything, but of course I called my Nan immediately to tell her what happend - someone should worry for me! I'm not sure about the liver thing, but the muscle breakdown could just be because I've started at the gym and I did that body pump class last Monday which killed me. Anyway, it's cool to have the doctor's permission not to go to the gym, although now I'm shitty cos I've spent all this money on a gym membership. Grr. The liver thing could explain why lately I've been having two drinks and suddenly I'm incredibly drunk. But to be honest, while I've drunk so much more this past year than I've drunk in my entire life, I drink a lot less than a lot of other people, and I don't do it every week. Meh. We'll see.


Nic Mac said...

Let me know what the results are as soon as you find out! I'll worry for you!!

Glad you had a blast at the mardi gras. I must admit, I was very sad to not go. But no matter, mardi gras in Europe!! Also I have big news! I'm gonna go back to uni but this time in Edinburgh! I can because I'm an EU citizen! I'm going to study Dietetics.

I also have a heap of other stuff to tell you/bitch about. I'll call you, let me know when you're free!

Christine-Louise said...

Let us know how it goes hun... and maybe stay alcohol free for the time being?