Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So whoever said that exercise is good for you hasn’t met me. Or the twin bruises on my knee. The photos don’t show them up enough, but they are as black as the one from my brother’s punch and the left one is about double the size of the right. How did this happen?

Em and I saw a personal trainer on Monday night for the first time. To warm up he made us do the stair master. Now, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m the least co-ordinated person alive. I tend to trip on most stairs even when I’m concentrating really hard. I don’t run up stairs, because, 1) I do not run and 2) Hello? Un-co! But anyway, he makes us run up these stair thingies and they’re coming really fast and they keep coming and I kept tripping. Argh. Not only would I trip, but I’d slide off and the steps would still be moving and hit my knees. The first time was bad enough cos I didn’t know any better. The second time I was like, “Oh come ON! I totally leapt far enough away!” So now I have these lovely bruisies. Thanks.

On that note, I just realised I don’t know the trainer’s name. Awkward.

So I’m also in pain. Again. Yesterday I was just really stiff in the shoulders. Thankfully that’s worn off and today I’m just left in A WORLD OF PAIN.

So yesterday Louella invited me to V-Festival for free – the one I had to skip out on because of the zero funds. I was like, hells yeah man, until I got home and remembered this assessment task we got on Monday and is due next Monday. I don’t plan on starting until Saturday, so unfortunately, NO DEAL (right now I’m making those “no deal” hand signals. Don’t hate, y’all!).

Nothing else. Just... there's something really wrong with my energy levels. On Sunday night I managed to have a good 9 hrs sleep and still needed a nap at 4:30, even though I drove to uni. Yesterday, after having about 9 hrs sleep again I was struggling to keep awake throughout the day, and ended up taking a sleeping tablet at 8pm so I could have a long sleep (and then because of my muscle pain proceeded to wake up everytime I moved). I don't know. It's incredibly hard to get through a day like this. When I get home from uni or work, all I want to do is sleep so I've been neglecting any study. Meh. Maybe it's all from the liver inflamation and will go away soon.


Jenni said...

maybe your still catching up from the insomnia?
and thats what you get for going to a personal trainer.

Kelly said...

fuck uni. go to v-fest.
and wtf?! dude, they didn't let you get the stairmaster even though you must've looked like a right sight? that's nasty. ask them if you can use the cross trainer instead. you don't need to move your feet on it!

Beau. said...


Sarah said...

Jenni: the insomnia is still there. I'm just dealing with it by using the sleeping tablets to make myself go to sleep early. Otherwise I'm left going insane with tiredness and staring at the ceiling in the dark, which is what happened on Sunday night (went and filled my prescription the next day). But that said, I should be fine during the day, at least these last couple of days, because I'm getting a solid night's sleep. I dunno.

Kelly: I soooo have to do the uni stuff. It's for the best because I'd still have to pay about $50 to go down to Sydney and for food and stuff.

And BEAU. You are a slüt.

Kate T said...

Ah, welcome to the madness of sleeping tablets... the ones im on work really well... BUT they make you feel like SHIT the next day, kinda like you can sleep forever

Sarah said...

Mine aren't too bad. I think they only last for two hours or something, so their purpose is to just put you to sleep.