Saturday, 28 March 2009

Such a long day

So I called my landlord this morning, and luckily Shuba had called her first because then I didn't have to tell my long-winded story.

She and her husband came over tonight and spoke to them. She was pretty angry about the whole thing, and I was so glad she had our back. I told her I was ready to move out about the whole thing, that's how upset I was. I was kept up late and when I confronted them after it got to be too much one of their shitty friends gave me attitude which made me even angrier. And it didn't stop either. I basically had zero sleep and I'm not amused. Landlord said it wouldn't come to me moving out, but if it got to a point she'd have no qualms with kicking the four of them out.

Anyway, I got even angrier when I got home and passed a couple of them in the hallway and none of them even offered an apology for last night. I managed to get a tiny bit of sleep an hour ago, then finally the four of them knock on my door and apologise. Yes, but now you have cranky Sarah. Normally Sarah has her toxic guilt and would feel bad for feeling bad about you. But this Sarah has had enough. Basically I told them I appreciated that they were apologising but I was still incredibly angry and disappointed in them. I told them I was disappointed because I had thought they were a little more mature than that but it turns out they weren't. Also angry at the fact that it got to the point where I had to go out there and tell them to shut up. Furious at the attitude one of the girls gave me. "That wasn't us." I'm glad, but you have to take responsibility for the guests you choose to have over and make sure they realise that they are guests and don't have the right to be so rude. They understand. Good. But you've said that before, and we've spoken about this ad nauseum, yet last night still occured.

Also, I don't need to ever see Sam naked again. I'll be in therapy for life.

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