Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sailors, Shopping and Boardgames

Had a fabulous day yesterday with Rachel. We went into the city (Damn you, track work! It took us just over an HOUR to get in there - wtf?!) and I finally managed to go to Barkins. I didn't buy as much as I would have liked and forced myself to only get one pair of pants and a top. And oh, this top! I bought it in the bronze and I love it! It's so 80s - I'm sure I've seen one of the Golden Girls in it at some point, but I don't care. I almost went out with some people last night just so I could wear it, but then realised I was dog-tired and had better things to do, like lay in bed in frustration at not falling asleep.

And in the city this weekend there's sailors galore! I dunno, something about the sailor uniform screams "GAY!" to me. I think it's the bell-bottoms? Or the bib? I dunno, but it was good fun seeing them everywhere.

And everyone must make an effort to go to the boardgame cafe on Liverpool St. It's just around the corner from the 3 Monkeys bar, and I don't know how Rachel ever spotted the sign, but she remembered it and decided we had to go. And now everyone else has to go because it's AMAZING. You climb 3 flights of stairs (I was worried we would either get shanked at the top of them or it would be filled with sex-workers), then you're in the cafe. You sit down and they bring you two menus: one for food and drinks, the other for BOARDGAMES!!! We played Scrabble for $1.50 and had a blast. Why hasn't this been thought of before? Rach and I are hopefully going back there next Sunday and want to convince everyone to come with us.


Kelly said...

totally jealous. let me list the reasons:
-boardgames at cafe?! i need to get myself to sydney!
-that top is HOT
-i missed your call and was running madly late for work. am going to try you tomorrow before i get my nails done (please note this is a highly important phase in my life. i've got from am obsessive nailbiter to GETTING MY NAILS DONE. just the words make me giggle) and hopefully catch you
-sailors?! hello! come captain me. they remind me of gurnee mills and chicago and all the sailors there on the weekend. i don't think gay AT ALL!!

Sarah said...

Yes, all the sailors running around did remind me of Chicago - although I do prefer the black uniforms to everyone's white uniforms here.

And I love that you're getting your nails done. I've been meaning to get mine done for ages but I keep thinking about how I could be spending that money on something else that I don't need... :P