Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I spent an hour last night in tears, sobbing. SOBBING. Wasn't really thinking about the fact that I'm leaving today. Just that I was leaving something behind in Australia - MY FUCKING EYEBROWS.

I just wanted them tidied up so I could have a couple of weeks of not having to worry about them. I don't think I'll need to touch them for a very long time. It takes a long time to completely regrow eyebrows. They are currently two little chola lines. Plus, she completely changed the shape of them, plucking below AND above and completely changing the shape that was there. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Oh, and because I've got such sparse eyebrows anyway, my face looks bald. I'm going to have to sharpy these in in true cholita fashion.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Oh Gosh!

So it all seems to be coming together. Just got off the phone to Nadia in Italy. Shall be staying with her for a couple of days. That's good, seeing as I'd already booked a flight to Milan just so I could visit her. The flight from Milan to Paris cost me $40 AUD. Hells yes.

And I'm also going to Paris!!! Whoo! I need to decide whether to couchsurf it or hostel it there. Maybe a mixture of both. Which reminds me, really need to contact my guy in Bath to find out his address, seeing as I'll be getting to Bath in ... ONE WEEK!!! I'll be in another country in a week. Actually, in a couple of days. Oh my gosh.

Basically my trip is this:
London, Bath, Manchester, Morpeth, Scotland, Paris, Milan, Cuneo.........something something something... Germany. Phew!

Also, I'll be visiting Hetton-le-Hole where Nonno was born. Totally didn't even know where he was born. Good thing the rellies are more knowledgeable.

So the farewell on Saturday night was le awesome. I got sooooo drunk. Apologies for any drunken texts.... and voice messages.

BEAU! I still haven't heard from you!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Lost and Found

I spent 45 minutes the morning looking for where I put the packing tape last night. An intelligent person would have put it where s/he put the scissors. So of course I put the scissors on my desk and the packing tape in my closet??

Of course, I forgot to book the Lowenbrau for tonight. Of course. I now have Jonas and Daniel on the case finding somewhere else to go.

Also, I'm in a weird state of zero emotion. Did I take an anti depressant instead of my OCP?

Friday, 3 July 2009

New Blog!

I know y'all are excited. I finally made a new blog for when I go travelling... next week - EEK!

New blog is here. It's called need. travel. Geddit? Cos this one's called need. coffee. And that one's need. travel. And I will be needing both.

Yep. L for Lame.

Meanwhile, there's nothing there yet because I'm just not that organised. Or into you.