Friday, 3 July 2009

New Blog!

I know y'all are excited. I finally made a new blog for when I go travelling... next week - EEK!

New blog is here. It's called need. travel. Geddit? Cos this one's called need. coffee. And that one's need. travel. And I will be needing both.

Yep. L for Lame.

Meanwhile, there's nothing there yet because I'm just not that organised. Or into you.


Kelly said...

oh la la. awesome idea. and not a lame name at all!! what happens to this blog?her

Sarah said...

Still keeping this one. It's more my whinging blog. The other one shall be strictly travel related. :)

Anonymous said...

what happens when you need to whine about travel? :p

Sarah said...

Trust you to find the flaw in my plan!!!

vv92367814 said...

I think it is stupid to make a new blog just for travel