Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Last Week in Newcastle

So, the time has come (the walrus said) to finally leave Newcastle. It has been the best and worst of times, for sure, starting off incredibly horrible, then getting incredibly awesome, then me going overseas, then me coming home and it getting awesome again, then being incredibly horrendous, and now, just as I'm leaving, getting back to a general level of pretty rad. I'm heading back to Sydney (though technically, it's not in Sydney) for my teaching internship which will last for all of term 2. I'll be living at my aunt and uncle's house, and I'm looking forward to some home cooked meals. Mind you, I get a lot of home cooked meals up here from Mikey, but those are extra special. These will be normal. And daily. And I think that's a winner.

As soon as the internship is over and (fingers crossed) I pass, I'll be placed in a school to work for the next three years. It's nice to not have to worry and know that it's all sorted out for me. I know a lot of people need that level of control, and need to know where they're going and when and every detail, but for me it's enough that I have a guaranteed job, and where it is doesn't matter too much. That's other people's problems to have to sort out.


I had my last session with my therapist. I'm going to miss her a lot. She's been so helpful the past two years (except for the slight break when she had a baby). It felt like a really perfect time for us to stop too, because I think I've made all the progress I'm going to make with her, and I'm in a really good place now compared to when I started seeing her. She told me she was really proud of me and to keep her informed of my goings on.


Packing. Blergh. It sucks. Luckily I'm able to store all of my furniture at my brother's place, but it's still annoying. There's just so much stuff, and so much stuff that I still want/need. I've done a lot of decluttering and throwing things out. Charities have benefited greatly from this move. I've also sold a bit of stuff on eBay and made a pretty nice profit. Having the eBay phone app makes it sooooo easy to list things. I'm going to list a bunch more things this afternoon.


Yesterday was my birthday and I kept it pretty low-key. I spent the morning getting my car fixed, buying more fabric I don't need (you know, in case I don't have enough to pack), watching tv and eating chocolate. Then in the evening the boys came to our place and we just hung out and ate pizza. Beau made me a crazy awesome ice cream cookie cake. I can't believe I still have half of it left. It'll be gone by tonight.


I'm spending this weekend in Sydney for Emma's hens night. Unfortunately, it looks like the weather is gang to be crap, but I hope not- I've planned a picnic and outdoor activities, damn it!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Is it weird that I just made some tea towels for my therapist? It's my last session with her and I'll really miss her.

Anyway, Spotlight had 40% off fabric on the weekend, and I've been really enjoying how quick and easy tea towels are to make. I hope she likes them- I have no idea what the rules are for receiving presents from patients...

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Have I mentioned that, apart from living with my housemate Bec, I also live with her cat, Tom, and her dog, Sophie.

Sophie recently underwent surgery to remove her eye as she had glaucoma in that eye which was causing a host of problems for her. What I love about her is how dopey she is- I'm pretty sure she hadn't even noticed she has only one eye, she bumps into things just as much as before.

Here are some photos of Bec, Sophie and I enjoying a beautiful Sunday walk to a local cafe. Soph was crazy popular with all the people walking past, and whenever she looks at you with her missing eye, you can't help but wink back. Is that cruel?