Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why do I love these people???

They are the most frustrating people in existence. Why is it that I'm the one that has to be organising everyone? Dan's lying on the couch napping, Mary looks at me blankly when I ask her what she wants to pack (so I just packed for her with her ordering, "Nup, not that. Yuck I don't wear that. Maybe that. Nup. Nup."

Mum woke me up at 5am to let me know that she'd booked the flights I'd been trying all day yesterday to book (stupid Philippine Airlines online booking system. Oh, and customer support, how about answering your phone or returning emails??). Thanks for that mum. I'll stick a gold star on your chart. After I murder you with a pitchfork. There's only so many 5am phone calls I can take, and the number is ZERO.

Spent the entire day in the city with her getting Mary's passport done and picking up the tickets for tomorrow. Mary's passport was the reason we didn't leave on Monday. Stupid, frustrating family. And it was raining all day. And my mum walks sooooo slowly. So annoying. Every ten metres I'd have to stop and wait. We had to walk down Pitt St - a long, straight street - and she got lost. I waited for her at the end of the block and she eventually shows up looking a little freaked and was all, "I got lost!!" How? It's a straight line! I think you all now know where I developed my innate sense of (mis)direction.

Anyway, it's done now. I came home and checked that I've got everything and checked over the tickets. Then I realised that these aren't tickets, they're itineraries. We've been issued e-tickets, which is what everyone uses these days. But if that's the case, why did we have to (very slowly) walk from Central Station to Town Hall to pick up tickets that could have been emailed to me????

Honestly, this is all such a waste of time. On Monday, after driving all the way down here only to find out that we weren't actually leaving that day, I was just about ready to not go any more. I can only see bad things coming from this week, especially because Mary and I have to share the queen-sized bed in the apartment, because apparently I'm only a slightly better alternative to sharing with mum. I just know I won't be getting any sleep. And coupled with the lack of sleep in the last week.... oh someone will be copping it. But you know what? They all deserve it because they are all shits.

And now I must go and book a taxi to take us to the airport tomorrow. Woot.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

I don't pack light

Trying to pack my suitcase for tomorrow and I'm totally clueless. First, not sure how long I'll be away for. Ordinarily I rewear clothes without washing them, so I'm like, oh I'll just bring 4 tops. But then I remember - it's the tropics! You'll be sweating up a storm! There'll be several costume changes! You'll smell like ass! You'll exclaim yourself to death!!!

Will I have access to a washing machine? Who can say?

Oh, and what do I wear to a funeral in the tropics when both your knees are embarrassingly bruised? I've only ever worn skirts or dresses to funerals. Oh well.

And Oops. I packed three pairs of shoes, so I'll be bringing four all up.
I'm such a bitch. My phone starts ringing at 5:45am (I KNEW I should have put turned it off before I went to bed, but I'm paranoid that the alarm won't go off even though I know it will). It's my mum. I answer with:

I'm met with the sound of sniffling.

Me (more gently): Oh mum, are you OK? (I knew what the answer would be)

Mum: My mum just died.

I'm a heartless fuck. I'm not sad. I'm not anything. I'm sad my mum is sad. It's just that too many things have happened in the last six years for me to feel anything. And now I have the heeby jeebies for writing that because now that she's dead, maybe she's a little omniscient and can read me writing not-so-flattering things about her (whilst I don't believe in God, I haven't yet worked out my actual beliefs about the afterlife because I totally want one - I'm Pro Cloud).

She wants to know if I can come with her to the Philippines. I'll see what I can do. I'm going to start emailing people now.

Oh, and to make things worse for her, her cunt family is laying on the guilts because she didn't send money this month. Auntie Nancy, the other sister who lives in Australia and therefore in the family's eyes is also wealth personified, sent money so is a great daughter. Meanwhile, if the nothings in the Philippines had ever bothered to get jobs and stop being a burden on everyone else this wouldn't be an issue. (They still lived with my Nonna. They're in their 40s.) My grandparents on my dad's side paid for mum's brother to do a trade apprenticeship back in the 80s which he never finished. Mum's little sister has at least 2 illigitimate children which she has adopted out to various family members because she is a slut. USE A CONDOM!

God I'm a bitch. Their mother just died and I'm being a bitch to them. Just don't be a bitch to my mum - that's MY job.

Like everything, I can't help feeling like I've somehow brought this on: I have an assignment due tomorrow which I was going to have to pull an all-nighter for because I've basically done no work for it. The plan was to start yesterday but what with the anger and zero sleep I didn't do much more than a few readings. In my head I kept thinking, maybe something will happen and I won't have to hand it in. And something happened. It's like that time when I was in UWS and the was queen of extensions. I emailed the lecturer to get an extension citing "family problems" and next thing you know I've logged off the computer, there's a call and my parents have gone insane, had a huge fight, where on earth is dad (the country club), that sort of thing.

It's a little narcisistic to think that it's all about me, but it is a little fun, and a lot worrying, to have some pull within the universe.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Oh my gosh. Flights are sooooooo cheap right now! Where's my bloody acceptance letter???

Such a long day

So I called my landlord this morning, and luckily Shuba had called her first because then I didn't have to tell my long-winded story.

She and her husband came over tonight and spoke to them. She was pretty angry about the whole thing, and I was so glad she had our back. I told her I was ready to move out about the whole thing, that's how upset I was. I was kept up late and when I confronted them after it got to be too much one of their shitty friends gave me attitude which made me even angrier. And it didn't stop either. I basically had zero sleep and I'm not amused. Landlord said it wouldn't come to me moving out, but if it got to a point she'd have no qualms with kicking the four of them out.

Anyway, I got even angrier when I got home and passed a couple of them in the hallway and none of them even offered an apology for last night. I managed to get a tiny bit of sleep an hour ago, then finally the four of them knock on my door and apologise. Yes, but now you have cranky Sarah. Normally Sarah has her toxic guilt and would feel bad for feeling bad about you. But this Sarah has had enough. Basically I told them I appreciated that they were apologising but I was still incredibly angry and disappointed in them. I told them I was disappointed because I had thought they were a little more mature than that but it turns out they weren't. Also angry at the fact that it got to the point where I had to go out there and tell them to shut up. Furious at the attitude one of the girls gave me. "That wasn't us." I'm glad, but you have to take responsibility for the guests you choose to have over and make sure they realise that they are guests and don't have the right to be so rude. They understand. Good. But you've said that before, and we've spoken about this ad nauseum, yet last night still occured.

Also, I don't need to ever see Sam naked again. I'll be in therapy for life.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Remember how you don't get in the way of Sarah's sleepy time?

I just went off my nut at my stupid shit housemates and their dickwad friends. Calling the landlord in the morning.

I would have approached the Amnesty International stand except for the fact that today I HATE humanity.

Oh today was a baaaaad day (that's how a sheep would say "bad" if sheep could speak English. Which they better NOT be able to). It was a public holiday in Newcastle because of the Newcastle Show, which I'm assuming is like the Easter Show, only shitter because entry is $49!!! What? I'm sure the Easter Show isn't that expensive. That said, I haven't paid for that thing since 2000 when Dan started dating Katherine Bell, whose granddad is the VP of the Agriculture thing that runs the show. I like knowing people that can get me free shit.

But anyway, today was busy because of the public holiday and the fact that it was raining on and off. But it wasn't just busy with normal people. Oh no. All the C U Next Tuesdays decided to come out and come into our store and just be arseholes. To me. I'm sure to other people too, but screw them! (like, totally jokes, y'all. love you long time... ooh.) hated every single one of them that came in, even the ones that probably thought I liked them that Michael and I joked around with; he probably liked them, I was secretly thinking of ways to hurt them with the EFTPOS receipt spike. Maybe I wasn't so secret though - I'm sure my eyes were throwing them"Yeah, WHAT, bitch?" looks.

Glad it was over. Went to the gym and veged (vegged? vedged? It's not even a real word - why am I worried about spelling?) out for a bit, then came out to the sight of rain. Oh, it had better not be raining tomorrow. It's my laundry day tomorrow and I have so much to do and our stupid landlords, who I normally love, haven't gotten anyone to fix the dryer yet. So I am cranks.

Gosh this was such a cranky post. I feel so much better now!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So whoever said that exercise is good for you hasn’t met me. Or the twin bruises on my knee. The photos don’t show them up enough, but they are as black as the one from my brother’s punch and the left one is about double the size of the right. How did this happen?

Em and I saw a personal trainer on Monday night for the first time. To warm up he made us do the stair master. Now, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m the least co-ordinated person alive. I tend to trip on most stairs even when I’m concentrating really hard. I don’t run up stairs, because, 1) I do not run and 2) Hello? Un-co! But anyway, he makes us run up these stair thingies and they’re coming really fast and they keep coming and I kept tripping. Argh. Not only would I trip, but I’d slide off and the steps would still be moving and hit my knees. The first time was bad enough cos I didn’t know any better. The second time I was like, “Oh come ON! I totally leapt far enough away!” So now I have these lovely bruisies. Thanks.

On that note, I just realised I don’t know the trainer’s name. Awkward.

So I’m also in pain. Again. Yesterday I was just really stiff in the shoulders. Thankfully that’s worn off and today I’m just left in A WORLD OF PAIN.

So yesterday Louella invited me to V-Festival for free – the one I had to skip out on because of the zero funds. I was like, hells yeah man, until I got home and remembered this assessment task we got on Monday and is due next Monday. I don’t plan on starting until Saturday, so unfortunately, NO DEAL (right now I’m making those “no deal” hand signals. Don’t hate, y’all!).

Nothing else. Just... there's something really wrong with my energy levels. On Sunday night I managed to have a good 9 hrs sleep and still needed a nap at 4:30, even though I drove to uni. Yesterday, after having about 9 hrs sleep again I was struggling to keep awake throughout the day, and ended up taking a sleeping tablet at 8pm so I could have a long sleep (and then because of my muscle pain proceeded to wake up everytime I moved). I don't know. It's incredibly hard to get through a day like this. When I get home from uni or work, all I want to do is sleep so I've been neglecting any study. Meh. Maybe it's all from the liver inflamation and will go away soon.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh mah gawd, y'all!

So I'm skipping my lecture this morning due to the world's shittiest sleep (what else is new?) and instead of doing some readings for this afternoon's tutorial (ha!) I'm online trying to get ideas for what to do at the Twilight DVD release party we're holding at work. And then I found out that Nikki Reed, the chick that played Rosalie, was at the realease party at Woodfield Mall in Schaumberg. Ah, those were the days of hanging out with my girls and having nothing to do so going to Woodfield Mall and telling myself I didn't need anything new from Hot Topic because I am way too old to be shopping in a generic emo store. Le sigh. But it would have been so much fun to go to a release party in the US. I have no idea what to do for ours. So far I've thought of a game of trivia and celebrity heads (but using the characters). Both are a world of LAME.

Meanwhile, I'm glad the weekend is over. I am much too old for doing the two big nights in a row thing. And I wasn't even drinking. Actually, maybe the not drinking thing was what made it hard. I dunno. I'm just glad it's over. Saturday night was so much better than Friday night, and cheaper too. Grrrrrrrr. My scholarship money is dwindling like crazy. Not happy, Jan.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

God, I'm annoying

How dare you nod in agreement! Bitches.

Oh, and don't bother reading. Just me whining about nothing that's even remotely important or even interesting.

Meanwhile, I'm annoying because I'm the most indecisive person alive. I had two pairs of jeans on layby that I picked up yesterday and immediately returned one of the pairs because I realised I didn't need two. Now I'm thinking I don't need any. But then I'm like, oh I really should get rid of my Old Navy pair because they don't look as nice on as they used to, but the Scottish part of me says that they aren't broken so why get rid of them? Apart from the fact that they don't sit right on me any more and I don't really like wearing them any more. But then I think again that I spent $22 having them taken up (god, that pissed me off so much - they were US$15 jeans!!!) that I invested money into them....

Really, what I need is a pair of grey straight-leg jeans. That's what I originally went into the store for, but they didn't have grey jeans of any kind. hingvolandsiohews

In other news, I think my landlords changed the front door lock on account of the fact that I tried to enter through that door yesterday and my key wouldn't turn. Erm, how 'bout leaving us with a key? That would be nice. Yes, it's only another 5 steps to the back door, but it's a very steep incline! And then I have to walk through the house back to my room at the front... world's laziest person.

Also, the sleep thing: not happening. I'm going to go buy the sleeping tablets this weekend. Last night was very frustrating. If I could go to sleep early, the fact that I've been waking up about an hour before my alarm wouldn't matter so much. That's the theory, anyway.

Oh, and I've been looking into getting an Italian passport after Nicole suggested it so I wouldn't have to apply for a visa for Germany. Turns out that you have to be a citizen to have a passport. From what I can see they don't seem to do dual passports. I could become a citizen after having lived there for two consecutive years and can prove my Italian descent, and can use my grandma cos it's up the the 2nd degree. That's right, isn't it? Or does that mean that the 2nd degree would have to mean one of my parents had Italian citizenship. All too confusing. I'll just get a visa.

That's if I ever get my letter of acceptance. Now, I'm not the most patient person at the best of times and it's even worse now. Why haven't they just sent me back a letter automatically saying, "Hey man, you're awesome. We so want you at our uni"?? Those exact words would be nice. Maybe even throw in a German word or two, if necessary. I hate things being so up in the air, and each day prices of tickets get more and more expensive. Nicole's booked her ticket, Rachel's booked hers, and I'm sitting here in a pool of jealousy - drowning in it, even. I don't like it at all.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

You're fucking joking me.

Yep, there's a swear word in my title. This stupid hen's night has me swearing like a sailor cos I'm so effing angry about it all. Here's the final details:

FRIDAY - Meet at Nicole's place at 6:30pm

Bring: $54 for the stripper
$5 - $10 for food (pizza - if you have any vouchers bring them too)
and your own drinks (alcohol)

Also: I think that we are all staying at Nicole's place... Is that right Nicole?
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Also just dress comfy but bring some clothes for the next day...

SATURDAY - (Day) Races
Bring: $__ for the entry ticket (please advise how much it costs Em)
Money for food and drinks

SATURDAY - (Night) DinnerMeet at Angie's place at 5:30 the bus will arrive and leave by 5:40.
Bring: $30 for dinner
$30 for mini bus - (It will be less than this but just to be safe...)
Extra $ for drinks

How can you expect people to pay over $120 for someone else's hen's night??? I'm pretty sure that if you're getting a stripper it's the bridesmaid's present to the bride, not the guests responsibility. Couldn't they find a cheaper one???? I'm sure they exist. They are equally gross, I'm sure. At least the races is only $5 for students. I don't mind paying that.

And I'll have to be sober during the whole thing.

At least it'll save me money, I guess. Although it wouldn't save that much unless I'm just drinking water.

Bloody Hell.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sailors, Shopping and Boardgames

Had a fabulous day yesterday with Rachel. We went into the city (Damn you, track work! It took us just over an HOUR to get in there - wtf?!) and I finally managed to go to Barkins. I didn't buy as much as I would have liked and forced myself to only get one pair of pants and a top. And oh, this top! I bought it in the bronze and I love it! It's so 80s - I'm sure I've seen one of the Golden Girls in it at some point, but I don't care. I almost went out with some people last night just so I could wear it, but then realised I was dog-tired and had better things to do, like lay in bed in frustration at not falling asleep.

And in the city this weekend there's sailors galore! I dunno, something about the sailor uniform screams "GAY!" to me. I think it's the bell-bottoms? Or the bib? I dunno, but it was good fun seeing them everywhere.

And everyone must make an effort to go to the boardgame cafe on Liverpool St. It's just around the corner from the 3 Monkeys bar, and I don't know how Rachel ever spotted the sign, but she remembered it and decided we had to go. And now everyone else has to go because it's AMAZING. You climb 3 flights of stairs (I was worried we would either get shanked at the top of them or it would be filled with sex-workers), then you're in the cafe. You sit down and they bring you two menus: one for food and drinks, the other for BOARDGAMES!!! We played Scrabble for $1.50 and had a blast. Why hasn't this been thought of before? Rach and I are hopefully going back there next Sunday and want to convince everyone to come with us.

Friday, 13 March 2009

More proof that I'm way too neurotic

I'm fine. Inflamation of the liver. Do you know how stressed I was??? I was almost going to vomit. I was sitting in the waiting room (for an extra 30 mins after my appointment time - grrr) pretending to read but trying not to vomit.

And it turns out it's nothing. I'm glad.


I spilt my breakfast on me this morning before I had even had a chance to start eating it. Grrrrr. So now I'm going out for breakkie. Even though I really can't afford it, due to my spending diet I've decided I need to be on. But it was such a good breakfast - avocado on toast. And my legs are burnt from the hot water that I was about to turn into coffee. So of course I dropped it all in front of one of my housemates. He just looks at me and is like, "You alright?" Yep. I'm fine. Just burnt. And cranks.

I get my results at 11:15 this morning. Last night was so worried. I was trying to do some readings for uni and did nothing because my stomach kept churning, so I kidnapped Michael and had a second dinner complete with CAKE. I think cake is essential for when you are freaking out about something. It'll probably end up being nothing.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


STA has a little advert on their site called: Take a Trip on Kevin, and lists a bunch of holiday packages for under $900. It made me giggle.

So I woke up ridiculously early this morning even though I don't have to work today. Browsing the Barkins website, I'm seriously considering taking a trip to Sydney to check out the store. I've wanted to go for so long but just haven't had the opportunity. I'm not sure whether I should go today or just order the stuff I want online. I do like to try before I buy though... Not sure.

Just checked cityrail's website. Trackwork's still going on. If I left at 9:30 I'd get there at 12:45. No thanks.

Or, I don't need anything at all. Because I have self control. I think.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

This one's a lot nicer

I went to the doctor's early this morning and this one I had today is a lot nicer and will probably end up being the one I go to for this because I have an appointment for Friday with him... didn't even know you could make appointments at this clinic, but it's fine with me.

Today he ran some more blood tests so the results should be back on Friday. He prodded me a bit and asked me questions that now make me think I have the consumption. Oh, if only I had the consumption - how romantic! But anyway, I'm off work until Monday for some reason. I don't get it, but he thinks I need rest or something... I'm insomniac - there will be no rest. But I'm allowed to go to uni.

Oh, and it's not caused by my alcoholism, which is always great.

I'm starting to also think that I'm a little bit worried. I'm not feeling worried or anything, but I've noticed my eating habits have changed quite a lot today. Breakfast was a slice of banana bread and an apple. Lunch was a tube of Rolo and a slice of frittata. I also bought a block of dark chocolate with that Rolo, and then bought iced coffee and lollies to take into my afternoon lecture. I then had a "snack" of a salad sandwich to try and make myself feel better, followed by a slice of bread with peanut butter and honey. I'm now eating nutella out of the jar. I feel kind of bad since I'm trying to be healthy and I'm not allowed to go to the gym this week (doctor's orders). I really don't think I'm that worried though, but my chocolate consumption suggests otherwise.

I just want Friday to hurry up so I can know what's going on.

Monday, 9 March 2009

So I'm officially an alco.

Mardi Gras was way fun. I went in with Mike, Bec, Ben&Glen (their names together are too funny to separate!) and made them do a one hour detour to Leesha's house via my nan's. Love her so much. She said Mike looked like a 15 yr old. I quickly corrected her. Hell's no, he's not getting any compliments!!!

Went to Leesha's who hadn't actually arrived yet so we sat in her living room feeling a little awkward. Her housemates are a little weird - very alternative eg. tats, piercings, lots and lots of black - couldn't imagine Leesh living there, but she says she's settled in now and the housemates are lots of fun, which is good.

We went in separately from Leesha's house and eventually found each other. Of course, Mike and Bec had found a club with no entry fee so they were getting drunk in there. I had two drinks and was gone gone GONE! But there might be a medical reason for that - more later. I eventually met up with Daniel who was working at the parade and was patrolling past us. He could only stop for a second, but I of course managed to make a foolio of myself in that short space. I basically told the other cop with him that Dan bashed me and not to marry his half-filo girlfriend, or if he did, to watch his money. It's pretty safe to say though that they both just wrote me off as a drunken lush, but a few hours later when my tiny amount of alcohol wore off I was mortified. It was cool at the time though seeing Dan being asked to have his picture taken with little kids, with Glen (of Ben&Glen fame) and so of course I had to have one. If I ever learn to get photos off my phone I will eventually stick it up here.

Oh, and he also gave me $20. I asked if he had any money and he's like, I only have $20. Do you want it? I'm like, [duh face] err, YES. I had plenty of money, mind you, so I feel terrible that I asked him for money. I just wanted cash though and the nearest ATM was a whole 50 metres away. In my drunk-lush-state that felt like 20 kilometres. Hells no!

Anyway, parade was good. I almost missed Joan Rivers because she was on an ANZ float, and I'm like, Why should I cheer for a bank, so I had my bored face on. Then Beau's like, Sarah! It's Joan Rivers! So then I started screaming "I LOVE YOU JOAN RIVERS!!!!!!!!" Bitch didn't look at our side of the parade, she was busy talking to people on the other side of the road. Plastic-faced mole. Jokes!! I still love her!

Before we go any further, I should mention Rebecca's story. Ahhh, Rebecca. Bec didn't actually see the parade. She saw the bathroom floor and the toilet bowl. She was drunk drunk drunkety drunk drunk. Get the picture? Mike stayed with her in her drunkenness, bless him. Also, Bec got a whole lot of boob action. At the club we were at, early on one of the waitresses was wearing nothing but heels, a skirt, a lei and nipple covers in the shape of silver stars. She also seemed to take a liking to Bec and came to our table to straighten the cocktail menu and rub her boob on Bec's cheek. Funniest thing is that Bec was talking about her and her lack of clothing at the time and didn't notice her coming up, kept talking, didn't notice the booby rub, kept talking. We're all there pissing ourselves laughing. I thought she had come to take an empty glass away or something, but no - just the booby graze. Ah, Bec. The only thing I got out of the night was some random gay's tongue in my ear. Ewwwwwwww. I think that's worse than random boob-to-face.

Later on in the night is when things got weird. Leesh had left us to go to a party and we were going to meet back at her place when she got back. Bec and I were death and just wanted to go home to our beds to sleep in, and when we realised that Beau and Mark were going back to Newcastle we decided to give ourselves a lift with them. They didn't actually have a choice. So Mike decided to go back to the club with Ben&Glen and he'd drive back to Newcastle the next morning. A few seconds later Bec and I felt terrible so we decided that we'd stay at Leesha's after all and wait for Mike to come back the next morning. He'd have to go back to Leesha's cos we had his keys. If only his mobile hadn't died! Because we had Mike's keys, he didn't think we would have left them at Leesha's, so he caught a train back to Newcastle that night to get his spare ones and was going to train it back to Sydney that day to then drive his car back. But Bec and I were up from 6:30 waiting for Mike and getting more and more worried when he wasn't showing up. Luckily at about 10:30 I tried calling his mobile again and it was on, so we found out the whole story and Ben, Leesha's bf, is going to drive the car up today. Crisis averted, but very confusing and dramatic at the time.

Bec and I caught the train back to Newcastle, got home, I had a quick shower and had to hightail it to meet Emma and Matt, our Canadian friend we met on our Contiki tour of Newzealand, for dinner. It was so good catching up. He stopped in on his way up to Byron Bay and it was great catching up. But I was death. DEATH! I woke up sick on Thursday due to being run down from the zero sleep of late, and coupled with the 3 hours' sleep on Saturday night and catching trains and buses for over 3 hours due to track work, I was not looking and feeling great. But it was still good seeing him again.

So that was my weekend.

In news about my health, or lack-of, I went to the doctor on Thursday about my insomnia and asked for a bloodtest. He wouldn't give me a bloodtest, saying insomnia is all in the brain rather than something pathological (I have a brain! Now I just have the ask the Wizard for a heart and I'll be set! (courage shmourage!)). He said to take some panadol. I'm glad my medicare benefit is going to a worthy recipient. Then cos I was sick and didn't go to work the next day I needed a doctor's certificate and went to a different place. I got the cert and asked for a bloodtest and he's like, sure, whatevs. He didn't say it, but his face said it (I think he needs a heart from the Wizard too). Yesterday I got a call from the doctor about my test results and he's like, "Yeah, there's something wrong with your liver and you have some muscle breakdown. Come in this week to run some more tests. If you get sick or anything before you come in, of course go to the hospital." Thanks, Dr. Reassurance. Lol. I'm not worried or anything, but of course I called my Nan immediately to tell her what happend - someone should worry for me! I'm not sure about the liver thing, but the muscle breakdown could just be because I've started at the gym and I did that body pump class last Monday which killed me. Anyway, it's cool to have the doctor's permission not to go to the gym, although now I'm shitty cos I've spent all this money on a gym membership. Grr. The liver thing could explain why lately I've been having two drinks and suddenly I'm incredibly drunk. But to be honest, while I've drunk so much more this past year than I've drunk in my entire life, I drink a lot less than a lot of other people, and I don't do it every week. Meh. We'll see.

Something for Rachel

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I called in sick today. I'm not sick though, but there's definately something wrong with me. My sleep pattern has been completely out of whack for about 3 weeks now and it's been worse the last few days. I'm dog-tired during the day and can't sleep at night. I'm getting an average of 5 hours' sleep a night, and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot survive on that. Yesterday I was falling asleep in the library and in a lecture at 2pm (granted, not the most exciting lecture, but still it's unprecedented for me), so when I got home at 4 I forced myself not to have a nap and stay awake, and took a sleeping tablet at 8pm to because I was struggling to sleep. I still didn't fall asleep until 9:15, woke at 10, went back to bed only to keep waking throughout the night. So I decided to call in sick and sleep this morning. I lasted until 7:30.

My eyes are shutting as I write this, but the moment I lay down I'm awake. I don't think there's anything physically wrong with me because although I'm tired all the time I can't actually sleep.

It's doing my head in.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh the PAIN!

Got back from body pump about an hour ago. The shakey-can't-walk feeling has left only to be replaced with a slight hint at the massive pain that I shall feel in the morning.

Uni started today. Kind of loving this Greek Society class. Found out in today's lecture that the tutorials are only every second week. That's the way all classes should be, I figure.

Chatting with Mary on the phone - fark she's funny. She's basically asking me every question under the sun:

- Do dogs dream? yes, hence the twitching in their sleep
- Do dogs go to heaven? duh. they even made a movie about it
- Is V for Vendetta an example of marginalisation? yes. good choice bubby!
- Are there Aboriginal restaurants? not unless you're in the Northern territory or something. what would they sell?
- Wigety (sp?) grubs. Kangaroo tails. I don't think they're exactly delicacies. Plus, you can get kangaroo meat at most restaurants. And wigety grubs in the bush.
- But if they opened a restaurant and you didn't go that would make you racist.
- Why is god Maori? he's only Maori in Bro Tow n.

And so it goes on. Eventually I get all exasperated and try to hang up, and she won't let me because she says she has no one else to ask those questions to.

Ask Dan.
He's busy. Plus he's stupid.
Well then, ask Jonas.
He's moved into his appartment.
Well, ask Cassie.
I don't think she's very smart.
Oh no, Mary, she's very smart. So well-read too. I hear she reads Famous magazine each week.

Then we snigger, then we retract the claws. Love her so much. Conversations like this make me miss her terribly and make me want to move her up here to live with me, which was the original plan. Wish she didn't have such huge mood swings though. Then we could get along all the time.