Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh mah gawd, y'all!

So I'm skipping my lecture this morning due to the world's shittiest sleep (what else is new?) and instead of doing some readings for this afternoon's tutorial (ha!) I'm online trying to get ideas for what to do at the Twilight DVD release party we're holding at work. And then I found out that Nikki Reed, the chick that played Rosalie, was at the realease party at Woodfield Mall in Schaumberg. Ah, those were the days of hanging out with my girls and having nothing to do so going to Woodfield Mall and telling myself I didn't need anything new from Hot Topic because I am way too old to be shopping in a generic emo store. Le sigh. But it would have been so much fun to go to a release party in the US. I have no idea what to do for ours. So far I've thought of a game of trivia and celebrity heads (but using the characters). Both are a world of LAME.

Meanwhile, I'm glad the weekend is over. I am much too old for doing the two big nights in a row thing. And I wasn't even drinking. Actually, maybe the not drinking thing was what made it hard. I dunno. I'm just glad it's over. Saturday night was so much better than Friday night, and cheaper too. Grrrrrrrr. My scholarship money is dwindling like crazy. Not happy, Jan.

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Kelly said...

i have only just discovered twilight. i refused to see the movie before i read the book. i refused to read the book because it had a vampire theme. i gave in after having a lent copy on my bedroom for months (as in, it landed there before christmas, even moved houses with me) and someone giving me my own copy for my birthday. now i'm in love. the thought of edward makes my heart skip a beat then go all funny. supre are selling i heart edward shirts. i wanted to buy one just so i could old it while i slept. this doesn't help your dilemma. i just wanted to share my obsession.