Friday, 27 March 2009

I would have approached the Amnesty International stand except for the fact that today I HATE humanity.

Oh today was a baaaaad day (that's how a sheep would say "bad" if sheep could speak English. Which they better NOT be able to). It was a public holiday in Newcastle because of the Newcastle Show, which I'm assuming is like the Easter Show, only shitter because entry is $49!!! What? I'm sure the Easter Show isn't that expensive. That said, I haven't paid for that thing since 2000 when Dan started dating Katherine Bell, whose granddad is the VP of the Agriculture thing that runs the show. I like knowing people that can get me free shit.

But anyway, today was busy because of the public holiday and the fact that it was raining on and off. But it wasn't just busy with normal people. Oh no. All the C U Next Tuesdays decided to come out and come into our store and just be arseholes. To me. I'm sure to other people too, but screw them! (like, totally jokes, y'all. love you long time... ooh.) hated every single one of them that came in, even the ones that probably thought I liked them that Michael and I joked around with; he probably liked them, I was secretly thinking of ways to hurt them with the EFTPOS receipt spike. Maybe I wasn't so secret though - I'm sure my eyes were throwing them"Yeah, WHAT, bitch?" looks.

Glad it was over. Went to the gym and veged (vegged? vedged? It's not even a real word - why am I worried about spelling?) out for a bit, then came out to the sight of rain. Oh, it had better not be raining tomorrow. It's my laundry day tomorrow and I have so much to do and our stupid landlords, who I normally love, haven't gotten anyone to fix the dryer yet. So I am cranks.

Gosh this was such a cranky post. I feel so much better now!


Bones said...

Yeah,I don't think your fury was THAT closely guarded a secret, dear...

Sarah said...

Really? And I thought I was so smooth.