Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I called in sick today. I'm not sick though, but there's definately something wrong with me. My sleep pattern has been completely out of whack for about 3 weeks now and it's been worse the last few days. I'm dog-tired during the day and can't sleep at night. I'm getting an average of 5 hours' sleep a night, and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot survive on that. Yesterday I was falling asleep in the library and in a lecture at 2pm (granted, not the most exciting lecture, but still it's unprecedented for me), so when I got home at 4 I forced myself not to have a nap and stay awake, and took a sleeping tablet at 8pm to because I was struggling to sleep. I still didn't fall asleep until 9:15, woke at 10, went back to bed only to keep waking throughout the night. So I decided to call in sick and sleep this morning. I lasted until 7:30.

My eyes are shutting as I write this, but the moment I lay down I'm awake. I don't think there's anything physically wrong with me because although I'm tired all the time I can't actually sleep.

It's doing my head in.


Kate T said...

Scary... I havn't been able to sleep all week.. same thing.. cept I havn't bothered with a sleeping pill... fingers crossed for tonight, bout to pass out on the computer so its a good sign! Must be something in the air (lol no idea)

Judith Glatz said...

... hope you feel better by now!!