Thursday, 19 March 2009

God, I'm annoying

How dare you nod in agreement! Bitches.

Oh, and don't bother reading. Just me whining about nothing that's even remotely important or even interesting.

Meanwhile, I'm annoying because I'm the most indecisive person alive. I had two pairs of jeans on layby that I picked up yesterday and immediately returned one of the pairs because I realised I didn't need two. Now I'm thinking I don't need any. But then I'm like, oh I really should get rid of my Old Navy pair because they don't look as nice on as they used to, but the Scottish part of me says that they aren't broken so why get rid of them? Apart from the fact that they don't sit right on me any more and I don't really like wearing them any more. But then I think again that I spent $22 having them taken up (god, that pissed me off so much - they were US$15 jeans!!!) that I invested money into them....

Really, what I need is a pair of grey straight-leg jeans. That's what I originally went into the store for, but they didn't have grey jeans of any kind. hingvolandsiohews

In other news, I think my landlords changed the front door lock on account of the fact that I tried to enter through that door yesterday and my key wouldn't turn. Erm, how 'bout leaving us with a key? That would be nice. Yes, it's only another 5 steps to the back door, but it's a very steep incline! And then I have to walk through the house back to my room at the front... world's laziest person.

Also, the sleep thing: not happening. I'm going to go buy the sleeping tablets this weekend. Last night was very frustrating. If I could go to sleep early, the fact that I've been waking up about an hour before my alarm wouldn't matter so much. That's the theory, anyway.

Oh, and I've been looking into getting an Italian passport after Nicole suggested it so I wouldn't have to apply for a visa for Germany. Turns out that you have to be a citizen to have a passport. From what I can see they don't seem to do dual passports. I could become a citizen after having lived there for two consecutive years and can prove my Italian descent, and can use my grandma cos it's up the the 2nd degree. That's right, isn't it? Or does that mean that the 2nd degree would have to mean one of my parents had Italian citizenship. All too confusing. I'll just get a visa.

That's if I ever get my letter of acceptance. Now, I'm not the most patient person at the best of times and it's even worse now. Why haven't they just sent me back a letter automatically saying, "Hey man, you're awesome. We so want you at our uni"?? Those exact words would be nice. Maybe even throw in a German word or two, if necessary. I hate things being so up in the air, and each day prices of tickets get more and more expensive. Nicole's booked her ticket, Rachel's booked hers, and I'm sitting here in a pool of jealousy - drowning in it, even. I don't like it at all.

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Christine-Louise said...

your grandparents are australian citizens right? in that they gave up their italian citizenship? if so no chance on the passport front... UNLESS your mum gets one and then you can get one.

at least this what i have been lead to believe.. and lets face it an italian passport is on christines list of things to do in life.

even if i do have to marry some woggy calabrian. *shudder* ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew