Wednesday, 11 March 2009


STA has a little advert on their site called: Take a Trip on Kevin, and lists a bunch of holiday packages for under $900. It made me giggle.

So I woke up ridiculously early this morning even though I don't have to work today. Browsing the Barkins website, I'm seriously considering taking a trip to Sydney to check out the store. I've wanted to go for so long but just haven't had the opportunity. I'm not sure whether I should go today or just order the stuff I want online. I do like to try before I buy though... Not sure.

Just checked cityrail's website. Trackwork's still going on. If I left at 9:30 I'd get there at 12:45. No thanks.

Or, I don't need anything at all. Because I have self control. I think.


Kelly said...

go to melb. the factory outlet store is there!

Sarah said...

No don't say that! Now I have to go to Melbourne!

Christine-Louise said...

Please darling sarah, do enlighten me as to what this 'self control' you speak of is.

It is not a concept I am familiar with.

Sarah said...

It's where I decide to not go to Sydney on Wednesday only to make plans to go on Saturday.

It totally works, Chris. You should try it.