Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh the PAIN!

Got back from body pump about an hour ago. The shakey-can't-walk feeling has left only to be replaced with a slight hint at the massive pain that I shall feel in the morning.

Uni started today. Kind of loving this Greek Society class. Found out in today's lecture that the tutorials are only every second week. That's the way all classes should be, I figure.

Chatting with Mary on the phone - fark she's funny. She's basically asking me every question under the sun:

- Do dogs dream? yes, hence the twitching in their sleep
- Do dogs go to heaven? duh. they even made a movie about it
- Is V for Vendetta an example of marginalisation? yes. good choice bubby!
- Are there Aboriginal restaurants? not unless you're in the Northern territory or something. what would they sell?
- Wigety (sp?) grubs. Kangaroo tails. I don't think they're exactly delicacies. Plus, you can get kangaroo meat at most restaurants. And wigety grubs in the bush.
- But if they opened a restaurant and you didn't go that would make you racist.
- Why is god Maori? he's only Maori in Bro Tow n.

And so it goes on. Eventually I get all exasperated and try to hang up, and she won't let me because she says she has no one else to ask those questions to.

Ask Dan.
He's busy. Plus he's stupid.
Well then, ask Jonas.
He's moved into his appartment.
Well, ask Cassie.
I don't think she's very smart.
Oh no, Mary, she's very smart. So well-read too. I hear she reads Famous magazine each week.

Then we snigger, then we retract the claws. Love her so much. Conversations like this make me miss her terribly and make me want to move her up here to live with me, which was the original plan. Wish she didn't have such huge mood swings though. Then we could get along all the time.


Jenni said...

she'll grow out of it. I wish I had that good a relationship with either of my sisters...

Sarah said...

I hope she grows out of it. Everyone says she will, but I think too much damage has occurred. And it would be much harder for you to have a close relationship with either of your sisters because of the age gap and the fact that you didn't really grow up with them around you all the time.

Also, it saves you from a lot of the issues I have with mine.