Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Poor Little Neglected Bloggie

Oh Blog, I'm so sorry to have abandoned you. Life just caught up with me and I've been a whole lotta busy.

Since I last blogged, which was a million years ago (literally, not figuratively), I have changed. A lot. My last blog was about me being asked if I'd like to go back to Chicago, all expenses paid, for six months. Um, heck yes I would! But it just came at such an inconvenient time, and I was already a bucket full of crazy, then the thought of having to spend an extra six months at uni in the degree that never seems to end, and the fact that my scholarship people didn't think travelling overseas was a good enough reason to defer for a semester had me deciding to stay.

Then the crazy spilt over the bucket anyway and I spent a month being all hermity in bed, thus failing most subjects for the semester and having to do another six months at uni anyway. But that's OK. I'm back to enjoying uni again, and enjoying life (for the most part) and six months is really a drop in the water when you consider that I'll probably be on this career path for the rest of my life.

Another thing that's happened: I've taken up hobbies! It's all very exciting to actually have hobbies. I've always hated that question, "What are your hobbies?" What do I answer with? "Erm... shopping? Eating? Reading? Sleeping?" But now I can answer with, "Oh, my hobby is just generally being a nanna: knitting, sewing, crocheting. General nanna-y-ness." It's very fun and has been so theraputic. And stressful. Because I always tend to be finishing things at the last minute. Giving hand-made presents seems like a good idea, and it is. BUT, it turns out that deciding to hand make a present, and deciding what to make, actually aren't half the job. For my grandmother's birthday, which was at the beginning of February, I decided to make her a crocheted blanket. I'm still working on it. It's the perfect size at the moment for your lap, and only if you don't want to actually warm your lap up. I'll get there eventually, I'm sure. But I'm still enjoying it all in the meantime.

In a few weeks' time I'll be unemployed due to the store I work in being shut. When I got back to Australia last year I went back to work at that book store. You know, that major chain of bookstores that has gone into administration, which I cannot name due to the effing ridiculousness of the company ( I am SO going to get sued). It's both bitter sweet, this closing. On the one hand, I attempted to quit that bitch back in December due to the management being a bunch of fucktards. Somehow, I wasn't able to (how???) and they convinced me to stay on for just one (miserable) day a week. And now it's closing, and I'm like, "Suck it! You stupid wankers are all unemployed now. I hope it was worth jumping on that sinking ship." But on the other hand, I've been at that place for over three years (minus the overseas hiatus), made myself a little family from there (barely any of which are still working at the store), and, until the last few months, was actually pretty happy being there.

I guess it's like any break up where you start remembering all the good things about the relationship and forget the reason you broke up in the first place - because the other party is a douche.