Friday, 3 April 2009

It's much cooler today, meaning it's still a world of HOT.

Ready to kill my family. Ready to scratch my face off (it's official - I'm allergic to every country that isn't my nanna's house. Face is sooo itchy, same thing I got in Newcastle mid-last year and in the US when I first went over there). Ready to throw my brother through a wall. And my sister can go through the wall after Dan has already damaged it.

Soooo tired too. Someone has to be at the funeral parlour at all times and be awake to keep vigil over the body. The coffin is open with a glass cover so you can't touch the body. So far I glimsped a bit of the nose. That was one nose too much for me. It's so weird seeing little children (like, 4 and 5 years old) run up, look in, eat their banana, then go play.

So weird meeting these new little cousins. They're adorable and shy and I just want to cuddle them and make them like me and play with me. So far only one has done that, and he's a second cousin, but apparently here that makes me his auntie? I'll take it. He's a cheeky little monkey. The others are too shy. And I keep forgetting that me talking to them in English isn't helping the situation because they don't learn English until they start school. Woops. I gave one kid a packet of Airwaves gum yesterday cos that's all I had on me, forgetting that they're the strongest minty type of gum. Poor kid cried from the pain of breathing in. I guess we aren't going to be besties.

Things I've loving: the fruit!! So much different fruit. I've found one I love - it's called mangosteen and it's kind of like a lychee but yummier. It's the size of a tennis ball, the colour of blood plums and the feel of a persimmon. You break it open and don't eat the purple skin but the inside white fleshy/lychee-y bit.


Daniel's shitting me. He makes comments about me that are so incredibly rude and insensitive. He doesn't get that it's not OK to say those things about anyone, but apparently it's OK to say those things to me. I can't believe there's another 4 days to go. 4 loooong days.

Mary woke up in her bratty mood today so I'm keeping clear.

I always wake up in a bratty mood, so I try to keep clear of myself.

Oh, funniest thing yesterday - driving through the city at about 10pm and on the side of the road I see a man riding a push bike and leading a cow with a rope tied to the ring in its nose. Loved it.

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