Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sarah does not deal well in a crisis.

I think it would have to be due to both of my upbringings - with my parents and mostly with my grandparents. My mum was never very affectionate (hugs and kisses from her came when prompted (read: forced) by my grandmother), and my grandmother was very warm and cuddly and pretty much just the best.

But in sad times I've noticed that I've taken on traits from both that I don't think are helpful at all.

I force feed people.

What's that? You're sad? You've had a bad day? I'll make you some food, or buy you some junk, or make you eat your weight in chocolate.

Then I talk about stupid things that have absolutely nothing to do with your problems in the hopes that you then don't think about your problems. Then I offer you more food. Then I crack jokes that really aren't funny but I think are hysterical. Then if you cry or something, I offer the hugs and the appropriate noises (mostly, "I'm so sorry") then decide that chocolate is the cure (hey, if Lupin taught us anything in HP3 it's that chocolate solves all problems).

The food thing I get off both my mum and grandma. That's their solution for most things. If you're unhappy it must mean you need more feeding (helllooooo unhealthy attitude to food that I have now. Helllllooooooo all the weight I put on during my parents' divorce). I got the appropriate noises off my grandma, and the freak out feeling from my mum.

So at the moment one of my very best friends is going through something very sad and I'm here feeling helpless and offering more and more food. Are you sure you don't need me to bring something over? Sure? I'll bake! I'll buy! I'll do whatever.

Yeah. So don't call me for things unless you're hungry.

On another note, the flights to Europe are so expensive now - cheapest is Korean Airways for $1900. Damn it. That's more than both lots of Rudd-money. If I ever get my second payment. Plus, I just looked up when semester 1 starts next year - 1st March! This year it started 18th March. So now I have to leave in February. Che bastardi!


Emma said...

sarah you are the perfect friend to have in a crisis. you looked after mel for me and made sure i was ok. i love you for it. and ill eat comfort food even if you dont give it to me....thanks

Sarah said...

Good.I think you need some chocolate.