Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gosh, I was such a sad sack last night!

Much better this morning. Tired though cos I stayed up late finishing one of those Sookie Stackhouse books. Those things are like crack - so bad but I want it!

Finished a third of my history assignment. I should finish the rest by Monday, right? RIGHT???

I was reading an article in the Weekend SMH this morning by a guy in his 20s who had never seen the Star Wars movies and what he thought they were about, then he watched them and went through what he got wrong. I thought this was funny, although the movies are now spoiled for me so I'll never have to watch them! Hurrah!

Erm... I have nothing else to say. Except I'm hanging out for a hotcross bun so I have to high-tail it to the shops before they're all gone!

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Judith Glatz said...

wishing you a very very happy birthday!!

I´ve send you a little package, let me know if it´s going to arrive way to late after your b-day so I can kill the post people! ;)

Love you lots