Monday, 27 April 2009

le death

Is what I am.

I was supposed to spend all yesterday doing my critical essay for creative writing. Instead I had an adult tantrum at the lack of co-operation I was being shown by my stinkin' laptop at the uni library, came home at 3pm only to be hit with the beginnings of that fluey ache. That would explain why the doctor told me the day before that I had a slight fever. Hey Doc, how about some preventative shit? Anyway, I had no Panadol or Advil so I dropped a few vitamins and got ready to lay around in my misery for the rest of the day. Until a knock at the door beckoned me. It was Zach and Theresa, the Zach and Theresa formerly of the room at the back of the house. They came to drop of Dexter season 2 for me because last year I had leant them Dexter season 1. How freaking nice is that? So I basically stayed up watching that and finished the rest just in time for my class today. I like that. Except I had to pop a sleeping tablet because then I couldn't sleep. Oh well.

I woke up feeling better, but more stressed due to the not-doneness of my essay.

My mum called last night. Got cranky cos I was trying to sleep. She said, "OK sorry," and hung up. Three seconds later (I'm assuming that's how long it takes to hit redial) she calls back. I'm like, If I didn't want to talk before, what's changed in the last few seconds to make me want to talk now??? Apparently nothing.

She calls again this morning. "So did you want me to ask your Auntie Nancy for those shawls for you?"

"Woman, I asked YOU to buy them for me two weeks ago. And you didn't. I don't want your stupid cheap shawls from your stupid country anymore."

"So should I ask for them?"

"No. While you're on the phone though, I have to quit work a month before I go overseas. Will you help me cos centrelink won't give me very much?"

"Oh I'm really busy I'll call you back."

Anyway, that's it for my whinging. You're welcome.

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