Tuesday, 28 April 2009

That boy!

It's always really weird when Dan calls me because I look at my phone and go, "Really?" and answer waiting for him to ask me to do something. And then he seems to just want to chat. Then later he remembers that he wanted to ask if I know where his San Miguel glass that he stole from the Marco Polo hotel in Davao is (well, he didn't steal it because he's chicken-shit and the security guards had machine guns. EJ, our friend there, was friends with a woman who worked in the bar so she gave it to us). It's at Cassie's.

Oh, and I re-asked him if I could borrow his backpack when I go overseas. I've asked him so many bloody times and he keeps saying no because he likes it for when he goes camping. What? Never mind the time he took my suitcase without asking for a trip to Fiji. I didn't notice until I pulled it out from under my bed to go to the US and found Nadi tags on it. But if he had asked I wouldn't have cared. And who needs a huge backpack to go camping? How often does he go camping??? Get your own, he tells me. OK. How 'bout you give me the $200 to buy a new one, ja?

Anyway, so today I tentatively approach with, "Sooooooo, do you think you'll really need your backpack for the next eightish months or sooooo?"
His reply: "Huh? Oh, yeah, nah take it."
Me: "What???"
Dan: "I was only joking when I said you couldn't have it."

Yes, because it's very funny when someone asks about 20 times for something and is rejected. And for no good reason.

I don't think he was joking though. I think that my whinging to nan about the INJUSTICE of it all (and don't try and minimise it by pointing at real injustice in the world. Don't cheapen my pain!) and her nagging Daniel has paid off.

All in all, Sarah now has a backpack. I'll be one of THOSE travellers. Except... aparently there are boys' and girls' backpacks. Fuck it. I'll make it work.

Speaking of travel and all that, Lara sent me a letter today complete with wedding invitation for her sister's wedding in August, pictures of where I'll be sleeping and her street (so cute!), and 20 Euros. Woot! I'm nearly there! Honestly, I am loving these gifts. That 20 will definately come in handy.

On another note, I had a mini meltdown this afternoon. And by mini meltdown I mean adult tantrum. I had to control myself by leaving my room and going to Shuba's to whinge. My computer died. Yes, my computer I bought at Christmas. It died. The only way to fix it, said the dickwad on the phone, was to reformat it. Meaning I'd lose everything on the computer. So I had to do it. And now my computer is empty and has no love. And I have to redownload all that uni stuff and say goodbye to the rest. Damn it.

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