Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I want it NOW, daddy!


I've been lusting after this one camera ever since a cousin of mine in the Philippines had one. How is it that someone in the Philippines can afford one but I can't?? And she told me what she paid for it and it was equivalent to AU$500, which is sooooo much money for over here, let alone over there.

It wasn't in Australia when I first got back but it is now. And it's about $650 on sale. Hells no. Mum said she would buy it for me when we were in the Philippines, but I don't want her to pay that much for something. She would hold it over me forever. It's bad enough I let her pay for the laptop. Every argument we have comes back to the laptop. My only response is that I bought the cheapest one in the store so she wouldn't have to pay so bloody much. I could have gotten a better one but I stayed below $1000 so she should be happy.

Meanwhile, it's not even that great a camera. I'd prefer something with a higher optical zoom. But it's just so cute! And you can draw on your photos! DRAW ON YOUR PHOTOS!

Yeah, I won't get it. :(

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