Monday, 20 April 2009

Things that make my heart glow!

I know I can get really doom and gloom about things and I get all, boo hoo life's so hard, but at the back of all of it I know I have really fabulous friends. FABULOUS friends. Friends that cook for me and buy me alcohol, put up with my whinging, lend me their DVDs even though they know I'm a slack returner, and send me tea in the mail.
So far this has happened twice, the first being from Jenni, the second being from Judith.

I just picked up Judith's parcel from the post office and it must have looked so weird to passers by when they saw my car glowing. That was just me getting the warm and fuzzies. Now I have no excuse about reading Kite Runner (that's next on my list Judith), I'll be all knowledged up when I get to Munich to visit you with my new travel guide and I will be well-rested thanks to the sleep-well tea (quite possibly one of the most thoughtful things EVER!). And I will be gloriously happy thanks to the milka and kinder chocolates. Soooo yummy!
Love you lots and I can't wait to see you!

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