Sunday, 31 May 2009

This is the trailer for the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I hope this trailer isn't indicative of what the actual movie is supposed to be like. If you haven't read the book I urge you to do so - it's so well written and manages to be bleak, desolate and hopeful, both in subject matter and in the way it is written. There are way too many people in this trailer. Hopefully that is all the people in the entire movie, shown in that brief segment, because there really shouldn't be many people. And there's too much sound!!! As I was reading the book, I thought the only way this could work as a movie would be if there was no music, no sound apart from the sound of their voices, footsteps, wind and rain. But there's too much sound in this!

Meanwhile, I shouldn't be getting my knickers in a knot cos it's just a trailer!

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