Thursday, 21 May 2009

Le sigh

Have I mentioned that I'm STILL really disappointed that I never got to see Air Supply when they did their concert at the Opera House. Repressed memories have come to the surface as I've been catching up on Community Channel vids and she went and saw them. I'm still pissed at my stupid brother about that. Stupid Daniel and his stupid face. He bought me a stupid RnB Superclub album for my birthday because he didn't know what to get me. How is it that I can say over and over from February, "Dan, I want a ticket to the Air Supply concert for my birthday," and he still couldn't figure out what I wanted.

Yes, it's a month later and I'm still cranky.

But Air Supply are getting old! What if they die and I don't get to see them?????

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Rebecca said...

Poor Sarah! We'll find a way to stalk them for you! I'm good at stalking... (oh! and mike wants to be a PI, what better to get his start than by staking out the location of Air Supply for you!)