Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sorry if you don't want to read another whiney whingey post but I have to let it out.

I've just had a really horrible day.

One of those days where it starts bad and ends worse.

It started pouring as I stepped out of the house to walk to uni. My car is at Emma's house so I had no choice but to walk. But for some reason I was all chipper about it. I was all, "whatevs," and folded up my jeans and soldiered on. 20 metres down the road my iPod stopped working. I was all, "Must be out of batteries," and kept on going n silence, alone with my thoughts. I don't like being alone with my thoughts because I don't normally have very nice thoughts. By the time I got to uni I was so cold, even though I wore a cardigan, coat and scaft, and my feet and bag were soaked through. So I sat through my class freezing. I had lunch with Beau and Catherine and that was nice, then I had to go and part with another $1000 which was not so nice. Then I went to my lecture which was horrible. By then the sun had come out, but I had promised myself that as a reward for the morning's ordeal I would catch the bus home. So I sat at the bus stop and waited. And waited. Half an hour. I would have been home by then if I had walked straight after the class. I checked the timetable again. A bus should have come during that time. I finally got the shits and just walked home anyway. In silence.

Meanwhile, during the waiting-for-the-bus time I had several angry conversations with mum because she hadn't put the money into my account like she said she would. "I was at work all day, Sarah." "Then why didn't you say you were working and wouldn't have an opportunity to do it when I asked you to?" Anyway, after me telling her not to worry and I'd just borrow it off someone (I probably just would have put it on my credit card and pay the extra fee for using credit) she calls to say she just went to the bank and put the money in just as it was closing. Why didn't she just do this in the first place? I'm so tired of it all.

Then I got home and plugged my iPod into the computer only to find that the batteries haven't died, IT has.

I'm fucking over it. It has basically all my music in the entire world on it. And I so cannot afford to get it repaired. I'm so tired of things happening to me. I'm still waiting for things to be easy but it's not happening.

Oh - silver lining: it only rained a tiny bit on my way home from uni and poured as soon as I got in the door. woot.

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Jenni said...

*Hug* I think that there must have been something about yesterday...