Monday, 4 May 2009

No backing out now

The ticket is paid for. I bought the Virgin one in the end because there was a hidden tax on the Korean Air flight that actually made it more expensive than the VA flight! And all that after I'd finally convinced myself that an overnight stay in Seoul was alright, even if it did make my trip to London take 41 hours.

But the total cost was $2113. Gosh that hurt. I've paid $1000 and have been in a bad mood ever since. I don't like parting with big sums of money, even if it's big sums of money that aren't even my money (thanks K-Rudd!), especially when my free money doesn't even cover the cost of the thing I'm buying. It hurts me so much. I've inherited this attitude from my mum who would be all lovely (relatively speaking) and nice before she dished out money for you, then as soon as the money left her hands she wouldn't speak to you unless it was to tear strips out of you. I'm not as mean as she was, but I'm a cranky bitch.

So in order to counteract the cranky I've begun to (finally) clean my room. I wish I hadn't started because it's killing me. After staring at it for a long time trying to decide where to begin because there's so much crap everywhere, I decided to go for the desk. Big mistake. Lots of unpaid bills under the reams of paper everywhere. Way to make me feel better.

Then I decided to make those annoying phone calls I've been putting off because I haven't been arsed. You know, to add to my next mobile phone bill. I called NAB and had them reverse an overlimit fee from a charge I didn't actually make, then I called CBA to send me a credit card - I'd cut mine up ages ago so I wouldn't be able to spend on it. I figure I better have it when I go overseas as a precaution. But I didn't make the most important call which was supposed to be to my mum. I need to ask her to put $200 in my account tomorrow so I can pay the rest of my ticket. I'd be fine if I was allowed to pay it on Thursday, which is when I get paid, but the fare has to be paid in full by Wednesday. Hello? Not helping. Stupid airline and stupid airfare. I just don't want to call because it will definately end in us yelling at each other because she'll tell me she won't do it and I'll get upset and then it's this great big drawn out affair. OR, the yelling will be postponed until Wednesday night because she'll tell me tonight that she'll do it and then I'll be checking my accounts every two seconds and she won't actually put the money in. After all the yelling she'll put the money in on Thursday when the money will no longer be needed. It'll be Thankgiving Day weekend '06 all over again.

Making the call....


Nicole said...

Did you speak to your mum? If you want I can put $200 into your account and then you can just put it back into mine when you get paid on Thursday? Let me know okay.

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks Nicole. I did eventually speak to her. She said she'll put it in (although the conversation went like this:
Me: Mum, I'm just wondering if I could borrow some money for the ticket. It needs to be paid by tomorrow and I don't have the whole amount until Thursday and-
Mum: No. I don't have any money. Blah blah credit card blah blah mortgage blah blah blah blah.
Me: Oh, ok...
Mum: How much is it, anyway?
Me: $200.
Mum: Oh. Oh ok then. What's your account number?

So frustrating)