Monday, 25 May 2009

Here's another one of those bitchy posts I do so well. Feel free to skip.

So, have I mentioned that I hate when people don't like me? Like, it really irks me, because I do project niceness, even if it isn't real. Maybe that being-nice thing is annoying - use that as your reason for not liking me. But don't not like me (wow. way to not use grammar!) because you got in trouble by your mummy and daddy for something that YOU did.

Yes, I'm talking about my housemates.


Really, this blog should be called Share Housing : A Cautionary Tale.

But anyway, after the bitching (which still kind of annoys me because they were bitching about Shuba and I personally. When we bitch about them, it's about the messy kitchen or bathroom or whatever, never them as people), Shuba put up a message on the board saying that they needed to vacuum the house because they had the vac when our cleaner was here so she couldn't do it. Fair enough - it's just the way it works. It happened once last year too. Anyway, they put the vac back and didn't clean the house. They've finally done it tonight which is great, but they've also been very stand-offish towards us.

Exhibit A: I got home from the gym this evening and Nicole was parked IN MY PARKING SPACE. Hello??? Could you be more obvious? I know it's such a little thing, but I worked long and hard to get that parking space last year and I have six more weeks of having it. Not only did she park in that space, but she parked really far out, so if I was to park next to her car there would be no room for her to open her door. I was tempted to leave it like that, but then realised how mean of me that was (and also, she's pretty bitchy and I could just imagine her slamming her car door into mine...). After adjusting my car three times to try and make room to no avail, I finally decided to give up and park on the street. As I was going to drive down though, I noticed she was in the kitchen washing her dishes. So she's seen me do this driving in-and-out thing. So I stopped my car, opened the door, and, nicely of course, asked her to move her car a little to the left. I didn't ask her to get out of my space, just to move her car over. Her answer was, "Oh. OK." No apology for inconveniencing me OR STEALING MY SPACE, and she continued what she was doing for a bit. She also hadn't looked up at me.

People would know by now that I am really unable to hold my tongue in situations when I should shut up and keep it to myself.

So after ten second's deliberation, "Do you have a problem with me, Nicole?"

She looks at me, "No. No. I don't. I'm just having this thing. With a friend."
Then quickly wipes her hands and grabs her keys.

She moves her car over a bit. I park in the shit space. The end.

For now.................. [cue Dr. Evil laugh] [that reference is SO outdated]

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Nicole said...

This bitch is bringing shame to my name!