Saturday, 30 May 2009

Creative Writing is sooooo frustrating!

I have a 2500 word creative writing story due on Monday and I have nothing at all to write. I came up with an awesome opening paragraph though:

I left my first husband when he likened my supposed addiction to Oprah to his very real addiction. If that was the case, did that make Oprah my porn? At least you don’t get RSI from watching Oprah. In fact, you come away a better, wiser and more spiritual person.
So he had to go.

Isn't that an awesome first paragraph, if I do say so myself?? I'd want to keep reading it! But where does the story go from there? In fact, where is the story? See? Frustrating.

Nicole has just left the house. Such a good time eating, drinking and watching Oprah. I'm feeling so refreshed now - I needed a weekend like that a lot. I haven't had time to myself, for myself, for a long time. Even on my days off I've been stressed or running errands or thinking about everything else I need to do. Last night and today I just forgot everything and focused on the Gospel According to Oprah. It is right to give her thanks and praise. And Nicole, for bringing it.


Rebecca said...

So, where is the story? I'm expecting you to be blogging it so I can read. And remember, even though it's late, that if you do need any info on any fascinating sexual disorders, I'm sure the multitude of books beside my computer can

Sarah said...

See, that's the problem - there is no story. ARGH!