Sunday, 24 May 2009


So yesterday was my laundry day and for some dumb reason I put my towels in late and went to sleep. Hello? I woke up this morning remembering that they were still in the machine and they had that gross funky smell that wet things get from being closed in too long. So I'm like, sure whatever, and restart the cycle.

Then I remembered that I now have no towels for my shower.

Well done.

Nothing else is going on. Work, uni, work. I'm still stressed about this stupid EDUC2101 assessment task. I just want it done. I finally finished my lesson plans and worksheets, now I just have to write 2000 words about the worksheets I created. Dear Teacher, anything I create is awesome, therefore my worksheets are awesome. They will promote learning by passing on a little bit of my awesomeness onto my students. Now, don't get me wrong, the awesomeness doesn't happen straight away, and obviously these kids will never attain my levels, but even a fraction of my awesomeness is pretty darned awesome.
Love, Sarah.

Only 1940 to go! Woot! This task is so easy! Why have I been stressing for the last month?

On another note, my housemates have gone (I'm assuming) home for the weekend. Except they've left their bedroom doors open. Like, wide open. Why would you do that? I find it weird enough that they leave their bedroom doors open (and their lights on) during the day when they go to uni. Not because anyone would go into your room, but because bugs might crawl in!

Anyway, on Thursday night Shuba overheard them bitching about us. No, not bitching per se, but making fun of us? Anyway, it got me shitty for about ten seconds because I have been nothing but nice to them! Seriously. I know I bitch and moan about them, but I'm actually really nice. Yes, I complained about them to the landlord, but I spoke to them first and it made no difference. But they brought that upon themselves. I'm the one that has the right to bitch because I'm the wronged party! And yet I'm still nice!

Then after ten seconds I remembered that they are little children and that they behave accordingly.

I don't know if I was like that at 17/18, but maybe I was. I mean, I'm pretty bitchy now, so it wouldn't be that much different, I'm sure.

So now I'm off to shower with the "house towels" in the hall cupboard. Ewwwww...


Rebecca said...

oh i've done that with towels before - so annoying! I've had to drip-dry in the past lol.
And as for your housemates: I wasn't as feral as them when I was their age, therefore making their behaviour unacceptable lol In fact, I used to be an angel, but we all know that's changed, so if you need anyone to bash them you know I'm always available lol
you'll be free of them soon though! (which reminds me, are you still moving into my place next year? Because if you are, you know you're welcome to leave stuff here while you're in europe if you need to - technically, you're welcome to do that anyway lol)

Sarah said...

I would love to move in with you next year as long as I'm not impeding (ooh, cool word!) on your personal space. And I would also love to leave stuff at your place. SHWEET!