Saturday, 9 May 2009


Ok, so I think I have a kind-of itinerary worked out just for England, but it sucks balls. (No really, it does. I tried pulling it away and saying, "Bad itinerary, bad!" but it just wouldn't stop sucking those balls. I'm definately sending it to a finishing school when all this is done - it just isn't seemly.)

So ball-sucking aside, it looks like this:
July 8 – Fly out of Sydney
July 9 – arrive London (5 nights)
July 13 – arrive Bath (2 nights)
July 15 – arrive Stratford-upon-Avon (1 night)
July 16 – arrive Shropshire – Auntie Joan (2 nights)
July 18 – arrive Manchester – Trent (2 nights)
July 20 – Durham – family (2 nights)
July 22 – Scotland?

I just feel like there's so much more for me to see, but since I'm on a strict schedule I'm very torn. Actually, I don't know what it is exactly that I want to see. Maybe when I'm older with a steady income I can come back and do a middle-aged type of trip with a hire car, driving through the Cotswolds and the Lake District...

Marsali, my old housemate, got back to me today and has offered me accommodation with her in Aberdeen and also with her boyfriend in Edinburgh and parents in Glasgow, so that's pretty cool. Not sure if I'll take up the other offers cos I'd feel so rude and imposing, but I can't wait to see Mars and hang out with her.


I just found this tour. I could cut out my night at Straford-upon-Avon and also see some of the Costwolds, albeit through the windows of the coach, but get to see Oxford, which I wouldn't have done otherwise, and also a CASTLE. You know how much I love a good castle. Although, I can see this trip heading the way of my trip to Japan where I became all templed-out. I must save myself until I get to my home. Then it's game on, moles.


Nicole said...

Go to Edinburgh. It is AMAZING! One big castle there! Lol.

Sarah said...

Do you think I need the night in Stratford-upon-Avon or should I just do the day tour?

Nicole said...

Well it's really up to you but I LOVED Edinburgh. I never went to Stratford, but it would be really cool to see Shake-e-speare in Luurrves birth place.

Kate T said...

Uhm... you can totally skip on Glasgow... Shell and I were too scared to leave the hostel for more then 5 mins for food.. but you MUST go to Edinburgh... also... 5 nights in London you can do heaps of shit that are like an hr or 2 away ... their train network actually works, amazing.. that day tour looks pretty good, I wanted to see Warwick Castle but missed it.. and sometimes its good to do a tour, they know lots of random shit... and you prob won't have to line up for 10 hours at most places like the lowly plebs who do it by themselves...

we WILL talk more of this on the weekend! I'm a fountain of knowledge (not really..)