Thursday, 7 May 2009

I think I want its babies

As I was coming out of my the-world-hates-me-and-wants-to-poop-on-me phase (hopefully that's the end of my cranks for this week anyway) I went grocery shopping for some fruit and veg. And yoghurt. I'm a bit annoying when it comes to buying my yoghurt cos I eat it every morning with my breakfast instead of milk. I buy those big 1kg tubs and they last me about 10 days, but I've never stuck to the one brand- I can't help but think that there's something better out there so even when I find one and think, "Ooh, I could totally eat this everyday for at least the next month," I still go for something different in case it's even better. Normally it's worse, and then I can't remember which brand I bought previously.

Last night I splurged and bought one that was a bit pricier than the others considering it's smaller. Even though I never actually knew what I was searching for, all that searching proved not to be in vain and I've found it! Gippsland Dairy Yoghurt Smooth and Creamy. It's just vanilla flavoured, but not to vanilla cos I'm not a fan of it as both a flavour and a personality trait. Basically it's that plain yoghurt you pay heaps of money for at those yoghurt stands in food courts. How many times have I begged my mum to bring me some yoghurt from that yoghurt place next to the Cookie Man on level 2 of Towers? And now it's here! In my room! On my cereal!

It's going to be so hard trying not to eat the whole tub at once...

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