Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So I finally got an email from my lecturer. Thank jeebus. He says to attach it in an email asap and bring him a hardcopy in class. Erm... so I have to write it now? Shit. I'll just pretend I haven't seen the email until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

So anyone at work with me tomorrow will have the cranky Sarah with them cos I'll be up all night working on this bugger. I'm about halfway, but I kind of hate it. I feel like all I'm doing is describing, not making arguments. DAMMIT!

I got my EDUC assignment back. The one that was handed in late. Totally didn't get any marks deducted. Oh yeah. I got 30/40, so it was just a distinction. I'm happy with that, especially after only just passing the first one. Beau, the slut, got 34. I think he slept with the teacher. I'm just saying! I mean, he couldn't have just written a better essay or whatever...

And I finally got through to my grandma this evening, and WHERE WAS THE FUCKING SYMPATHY????? I'm there whining, going, "I hate this, I don't want to do it anymoooooooooore," and do you know what she said? "Sarah, you're going to quit again? You've already done one and a half years before, now you'll quit after one year, you have to finish something."

Oh no she di'n't!

I was like, "Woman! That is NOT what I want to hear! All you're supposed to say is, 'That's terrible Sarah, all those mean university people making you do all that work. They're horrible, you'll be fine.'"

How dare she! After I had my mini rant about what she should have said, she did rectify the situation a little by saying it. But the damage was done.

Oh, and more damage: Nan nonchalantly mentioning that Dan and Jonas were planning on spreading Nonno's ashes this Sunday.


I was so angry I cried. And she didn't get why I was upset. HELLO??? So, we don't do anything on the anniversary because Dan and Jonas were busy at Indy, but we'll reschedule it for whenever it's convenient for them.

Sometimes I hate being part of a family. Or at least I hate being the only one that thinks being part of a family is important and there are certain responsibilities that come with it.


It's now two hours later and I've spent literally the last two hours bitching and gossiping with Shuba. I love people who are just like me. :)

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