Sunday, 19 October 2008

Things I Heart

Image from lovepad

I'm taking a cue from Gala Darling and writing about things that I adore at the moment.

Great friends. Friends that will send you bags of tea out of the blue, friends that will join you for coffee late at night. Friends that will gossip with you. Friends that will get drunk with you when you're sad. Friends that might be tired of hearing you complain about something again, but don't show it. Friends that you can always turn to.

My $1 earrings. They're these little green circle things with a spiral in the centre, but I've had loads of complements. And we all know how much a love a bargain.

Gorgeous weather. Being stuck inside at work whilst the weather is beautiful is not so fun, but being in the sun brings a smile to my face and energy into my system.

That feeling you get when your assignment is finished. Which it isn't yet, but I'm hoping it will be either today or tomorrow. Just in time to start my next one.
The colour of these flowers:

Everytime I see them in a flower shop I just want to buy them and stare at them for hours on end. But then I think of all the things I could do with my money and think that the flowers would be a waste. As a treat for myself, when I'm finished with this semester and have done all of my assignments I'll buy a bunch. Or two. And drown in their colour.


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Kelly said...

i love that colour as well. it's intoxicating and fascinating and surreal and the colour of endless possibilities.