Wednesday, 1 October 2008


... I hate my haircut. The layers are uneven, all the more noticable due to the fact that I have to straighten my hair. }:

My phone is now in for repair, so until I can figure out how to use Leesha's phone that she leant me, I have no phone access. I'm officially uncontactable.... except via the internet.

I'm rethinking going to Chicago next year. It's just so expensive, especially considering how extensively I want to travel around Europe. sigh. That's OK. 2012 isn't too far away... sob. We'll see.

Rachel sent some photos of her in China. This one took my breath away:

Words don't capture it. I'm in love with this photo. Majorly jealous, also.
I need another gap year. I'm sure I've had more than my fair share of these, but I wish I could teach English overseas or something. At least next year will kind of be a gap-half-year.
I really hate how fragmented this post is.

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