Friday, 3 October 2008

Home again ... jiggety jig ...

Wow. We can definately cross Catherine Zeta-Jones off my list of people I'd turn gay for. That shit is so not OK.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting at home, have just eaten a bowl of pasta and am now writing my brother's assignment for him. Yeah, that's right. Writing it for him. I am such a sucker. I thought he had already written it. Yeah, apparently not. And it's such a shit assignment too:
"Articulate and define, in your terms, the difference between 'at risk' and 'vulnerable'." And he has to use examples from his job. yawn. Most boring assignment ever. Actually, I think his ethics assignment was worse. Can't complain though, cos the biatch has leant me money he knows he will never get back.

I haven't been to mum's yet, so I'm a bit worried. Dan tells me it's soooo different. There's apparently no old furniture in the house. She better have kept all my Babysitters Club books, that's all I'm saying. :P

Oh, can everyone who reads this... Ok. The two people who read this, can you please text me your mobile number (obvs say who it is in the text) cos I went to pick up my phone from the repair place today and the whole phone's been reset, and apparently, even clicking "Save contacts to SIM card" doesn't actually save your contacts to SIM. Yeah fun. So I have no phone numbers. Cheers!


Kelly said...

i don't know if i'm one of the two but i will text you when it's a decent hour. i did see your fb status but forgot. my bad.

i love how you don't do your own assignment until the last minute but you do your brothers' very uninteresting one!! you crack me up.
any change in the haircut? i'm getting mine done this saturday. i'm going for the electric blue look...

Sarah said...

Blue will be awesome!

I figure I'll just grow my hair out a bit. If I pin the front up a bit it doesn't look too horrible. Still annoying though.