Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bright side!

What? Sarah looking at the bright side of something?

Yes, two minutes ago, that ear-splitting, frightening sound you heard was the sound of hell freezing over.

I'm thinking that if I can't get another job for these holidays (which I'm still really shitty about - ooh, hell thawed out a little) I'll dedicate myself to being creative. I've always wanted to do a dressmaking class. Or maybe I'll keep working on my US scrapbook - the one that's up to June '06. Heck, by the end of the holidays, I could be up to July!!! Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Plus, I'm being mighty inspired to finally do something with my moleskines.

Yes, I'm procrastinating on doing my history assignment...


Nicole said...

So this is why you need that envelope. Awesome work Sar, I loike it a lot!

I really need to update my blog. I make blogs at work amd email them to myself but never actually post them. I'll post them soon so you'll have something to read other than your uni content. I'm selfless like that. ;-)

Kelly said...

your procrastination inspires me. i want an egg ped now too. i don't know what it does but i read something about smooth soft feet. i want that. and you know i have so much free time on my hands with my working hours i really should get creative too. so i'm going to try and get out of bed in the morning time and do scrapbooking. thank you!

Sarah said...

Ahh, Nicole, bless you! You're like a mother Theresa in fake tan and a pink leotard... I saw your pics on facebook. :P Congrats, btw!

And Kel, it's good to know that I'm an inspiration. Actually, I've always known that, but now I have proof. :P

Kelly said...

and your modesty always amazes me