Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I'm sitting here stressed out of my mind and NOBODY IS ANSWERING THE PHONE.

HELLO? NAN?! What the fuck???? Why aren't you home? You should be always home, waiting by the phone in case your granddaughter calls you. That's common curtesy.

Fuck. It's Wednesday. Bingo day. Fucking bingo.

I'm no longer pro-bingo.

I don't want to do this assignment.

I can't do this assignment

Why doesn't the bloody lecturer reply to emails that are urgent???


Beau answered the phone. I can breathe again.


Beau. said...

And so I descend in a halo of light. It's what I do.

You can return the favour this evening when I get my 1004 essay back and need a shoulder to cry on because it will have a BIG RED FAIL SCRIBBLED ON THE FRONT!

Bones said...

I did wonder why I had a missed call from you today! In my defence, I was at work, which HAS to count as a decent excuse, right??

Sarah said...

Please, you totes beat me!

And Michael, that does not excuse you. As I said in regards to my grandmother, people should just be by the phone waiting for a phone call from me.

Geez, is it so hard???