Thursday, 23 October 2008

Here you go, Nicole, happy?

So I'm watching Bill O'Reilly on The View. Joy is angry. I love Joy.

What is with Americans and being so anti-Communist? You fucking won! The government bailout was socialism, and a fucking expensive act of socialism too.

You go Joy!

And Elizabeth needs to shut her squeaky trap. Her stupid high-pitched voice drives me insane.

Anyway, so I'm sitting in the loungeroom wearing about 50 layers of clothing and wrapped in a doona, still freezing my ass off. Stupid weather. I had so much trouble sleeping last night because I was so cold.

Oh, and this morning I went to do some grocery shopping and it was windy but still sunny outside. I parked at the Stockland Mall and went across the road to do my fruit shopping, and of course when I get out of the fruit shop it's pouring with rain. Gross.

You know what else is gross? I spent $40 on fruit and veg. WTF? That's so much bloody money. I should just eat crap and save money. Bloody hell. And I bought it all to make one stirfry. Granted, I'll be eating that stirfry for the next week, but it's still frustrating.

I went to trivia on Tuesday night with Beau, Michael and Simon, and oh yeah, bitches, we totally came 3rd!! That won us a $20 voucher for the restaurant, and seeing as bar meals are only $5 we've totally got next trivia night's dinner. Unfortunately, our team name was Star Trek themed. I can't remember what it was, and I didn't understand it, but I was informed that it was Star Trek. That shit just ain't cool. In fact, it's really, really nerdy. :P And Beau told me last night it class that Simon and Michael have apparently planned a lot more in the same vain. Yeah, NO.

Also on Tuesday, I had to do my Peer teach lesson. Yuck. My lesson was on the wonderful topic of fact and opinion. Please try to contain your excitement. I had to hand in an essay about the planning of the lesson on the day, and now I get to write an essay about how the lesson went. whoo. Cannot wait.

I'm also trying to write my history assignment. It's about the fall of communism. Why did I choose this essay topic??? Seriously, I have no clue. I thought it would be interesting. Guess what - it's NOT. It's a whole bunch of reading of boring books and articles to tell me that NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. Obviously with the exception of the people within the USSR. I'm sure they gave a fuck. Possibly many fucks.

I also got my creative writing essay back. I got 90, so a HD. I'm glad about it... but why didn't I get a higher mark? The thing that really annoys me about this topic is that there's no marking criteria for anything. Where did he pluck the 90 from? The feel of it? He only had good things to say in the essay, said it had really good references, he underlined many points I'd made and noted that they were really good.... I dunno. It's just that with other classes, you know exactly why you got a certain mark, but not with this one.

So in other news, I'm trying to use microfibre cloths on my face. I was reading a thread on the Vogue forums about how good they are, and they really get rid of blackheads, so on Monday I went out and bought some. I bought the ones designed for your face, but didn't really find any improvement, so now I've bought a household one. Lol. Next time you see me I'll have no face left. The ideas I get from the Vogue forums make me giggle. Last time it was sage tea, and I found no difference from that. Or maybe I did, but didn't stick with it long enough? Who can say.

Oh, and now I want a Ped Egg. Great.

This weather is making me miserable.

I have work at 5 this evening. 5-10. That's past my bedtime. No seriously, I'm in bed by 9:30. Not asleep, but in bed. Hello? Nanna, remember?

I have this weekend off because on Saturday it will have been 1 year since Nonno died. I plan on being drunk. That's pretty much it.

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