Tuesday, 14 October 2008

And we're back to my more superficial / whiney posts

I reeeeeally should have taken advantage of the holidays more. I just see the next four weeks stretching out in a mass of stress. There'll be a lot more of these posts.

I'm so glad to be back in Newy. Sunday, although I was dead tired due to my mother waking me up at 5am (after I'd gone to bed at 1am) because she felt the need to vaccuum. Needless to say, we had words. Loud, angry words.

Anyway, I got back, had an afternoon tea with Leesh, Michael, Bec and Beau, went to the Bogey Hole (that swimming hole I wrote an assignment about last semester but hadn't actually seen), took note of the vast amounts of rape-bush around. Or should I say, "surprise sex" bush. Basically, the kind of bush you look at and go, "Wow. That would make a great place to rape someone."

It's OK. It was long ago established that I'm going to hell.

Then we went back to Michael's for dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love sausages? They are the best.

Last night was our first book club meeting. It was good. Only three of us had read the book. Oops. The next one is The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is good cos a few years ago I started reading it and really enjoyed it, but then for some reason I stopped. Good to have an excuse to go back and finish it.

Trivia tonight. We'd better bloody win, that's all I'm saying.

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Kelly said...

fuck you crack me up. i reckon the rape bushes is going to end up being printed out so i can keep laughing about it. hil-ar-ious.