Thursday, 2 October 2008

If we took a holiday ... it would be, it would be so nice ...

So tomorrow I have 5 hours of work and then I'm off home. I absolutely cannot wait.
By Saturday I'll be wanting to go home immediately.

I'm looking forward to staying at my mum's place, especially since she's not there. I haven't been there in about a year. I hope Daniel leaves me the keys. Yeah, that's right, I don't have a key to my mum's place. I have the house keys that worked before my holiday to New Zealand in 2005. Getting back to find my keys didn't fit was fun. So yes, I will stay in her house, drink her coffee, obviously not eat her food, because she never was fond of stocking the fridge.

I called nan this morning and asked to borrow money. She sighed and said she would go to the bank in the morning. I'm a horrible person. I think I'll ask Daniel instead.

Why is it that I always go down to Sydney when I have no money? I look forward to shopping so much, and then get there and can only look. It hurts me! And there's so many things I want too. I'll have to hold off to my next weekend off, which is October 25th, but something seems wrong about going shopping on the anniversary of Nonno's death.

I've also been trying to sort out my study abroad application, and while one of the managers at work has promised to write me a personal reference, I need an academic reference. So far, I've emailed two of my tutors from last semester and haven't gotten a reply (rude!), so I think I've got to ask one of this semester's tutors. My options are horrible 1006 lady, the one who talks so slowly and treats us like babies. Then there's my history guy, who wouldn't be able to say anything nice about me because I'm the dumbest person in the class and I have nothing to actually say about anything we talk about. Plus, I'm afraid he'd make mention of my love of karaoke. I can't remember how this came about, but when the class gets too quiet or anything, he seems to love mentioning that I love karaoke, and why don't I whip out a couple of tunes? I do the "chuckle chuckle, give me a few drinks and then we'll talk," whilst knowing my face is bright red. Have I mentioned that HE mentioned this at a lecture? Singled me out and everything? Yeah. So no reference from him. The next options are the most likely: 1004 lady - I say a lot in her class and contribute, but I did pretty shit in the first essay, then there's creative writing guy - maybe. I'll have to talk to them.

On a completely different note, for some reason I left MSN open (I hate MSN. Stupid computer for automatically logging on) and my cousin Nadia in Italy came online and started talking to me before I could log off. I feel so bad because she's used to talking to me when I used to study Italian and could say a lot more, and I also used to live with my nan who could tell me the correct way to say something. Now when she talks to me, after the pleasantries of "Ciao" and "Tutto OK?" and "Si, e tu?" I have nothing left to say and have to quickly go, "Mi dispiace, ma non parlo l'italiano bene," and quickly say bye. Tonight's conversation was in the same vain. She's not feeling so well, it seems, and she's getting old, wants to know how Auntie Joan is. My Italian doesn't stretch so far as to say, "She's well, considering the dead husband and all." Poor Auntie Joan. I have to remember to drop by when I'm in Sydney. I'll take nan and make a day of it.

Speaking of Auntie Joan, I just found out that the rellos in Italy had a big mass for him there when he died. I just thought that was really lovely.

Nothing else. Except Sydney folks, I my phone's in for repair, so I don't have anyone's number. If you want to catch up at all this week text me and we'll do something.

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