Sunday, 28 September 2008


That will only make sense if you've watched Bad Boys II recently, or you're a freak like myself who quotes old movies. (Bad Boys I, even though it was made before I was even in high school, still had me calling my maths teacher "Mike Lowrey" the way Martin Lawrence said it. Although I would never say it to Mrs. Lowrey's face...)

So, seeing as I've been sitting at my computer for two hours now and have only managed to scrape out another hundred words, I've decided to implement incentives. If I manage to finish this essay tonight, or at the very most, 9am tomorrow, tomorrow I get to pamper myself by cleaning my room, sorting out my closet and buying a couple of things I don't need. Yes, this is pampering myself because my room and closet are filth at the moment and it makes me so ill. Cleaning makes me happy. Organisation makes me happy. Ooh, maybe one of my rewards can be some of those clear boxes that slide under your bed, and I can put things in it that won't fit in drawers.

Now I'm excited. I'll finish my dinner and get right on it!

I spoke to my little sister for the first time in nearly a week and a half today. She talked my ear off for nearly half an hour. She loves to say things that she thinks will make me angry, like "Twilight sucks" and mentioning how much she loves my brother's girlfiend (typo, but it stays), but it makes me giggle, which makes her frustrated, which continues the cycle. She told me that she's apparently "grown up" now, because she has learnt to catch the bus. Don't laugh - I think this is a pretty big accomplishment. I still need to have people tell me exactly which bus number to catch, and bus timetables don't make any sense to me at all ( I also don't like the fact that you can't get a bus timetable until you're physically on the bus). It all comes from living in the Hills District, where there's one bus company, and no trains, and I think maybe one bus a day (not including school buses) goes past my street, and doesn't actually go down my street, so it's still a 5 or so minute walk to the actual bus stop. So yeah, people in my area don't catch public transport. They use their parents to drive them everywhere, and then they get their licences on the day of their 17th birthdays and drive everywhere. Plus, buses are expensive. I once thought I'd be thrifty and catch public transport down to Sydney, got on the bus at Pennant Hills station, only to discover that even as a student, the price from the station to Round Corner Dural was nearly $4. Yes, I'm cheap, but that's a lot considering it's a 15 minute drive, and it's not even anywhere near my house - I then have to get my little nonna to come pick me up.

Whinging about public transport is just the norm when you live in the Hills.

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Christine-Louise said...

oh god... try treking it into darlinghurst everyday.. i would be up the proverbial creek without a canoe if it wasn't for my parents and I actually live within walking distance from a hillsbus bus stop!

which might i add is only beneficial if you travel in peak hour or before 8 on a weekday.

I just love having to call mum to come get me from towers at 2am on a random saturday night because i'm too drunk to walk and there's no cabs... NOT!