Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Don't think ahead!

Right. So I finished my essay yesterday. Had I known how quickly it would be finished I would have not procrastinated so much.... yeah, that last sentence is a total lie. So anyway, finished it, went to print out my extension form.... and it said my extension was still pending. Because I hadn't handed the supporting documents in. The supporting docs that I handed in last Monday.

Why does the world hate me?

No Sarah, it doesn't hate you. Obviously I've just told the universe to not make things work out for me.

Meh. Fail shmail (she says, until her scholarship is revoked and she suddenly has to PAY for university).

So meanwhile, I have a day and a half to finish this other essay. DO IT! Don't think about next week, or more particularly, the week after when you have annual leave and you're going to hang out at home with the family.... DON'T THINK AHEAD until everything's finished.

Stupid 1004.

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