Monday, 8 September 2008

Let's play Jeopardy! "Things that shouldn't come up as regular conversation after you've been home for half an hour."

So I went home on Saturday night to take Mary out for dinner for her birthday. When I got there my cousin Laura was there as I had known she would be, but Mary had also brought a friend. Crap. And here's me with absolutely no money.

So I'm there at home, chatting with everyone, in a bit of a weird crazy mood because of the massive amounts of sugar I always consume on the way down to Sydney, when I ask about something random, like a TV show or something, and my grandma comes out with:

"Uncle George died this morning."

WHAT??? I just burst into tears. Uncle George is my grandma's little brother, whom she adores/d. He's been sick for so long, and we all knew it was coming, but it still shocked me. And the way she just came out with it all of a sudden. I was pretty annoyed that she didn't call me in the morning as soon as she found out, but she said she didn't want to tell me because she knew I'd be coming down anyway. ARGH.

So anyway, the next day we went to Auntie Joan's to hang out, cos that's what we do when someone dies. My grandma is in her prime in these situations, cracking jokes like there's no tomorrow. It was funny to see her so on fire. My cousin Carolina was there with her kids, who I just think are the greatest. Matthew, her oldest son, and the oldest of the grandkids on their side, has been hit the hardest. He was so close with Uncle George. They were more like father and son.

Something that annoyed me was that my grandma compared the close bond between Matt and Uncle George and Daniel and Nonno. I'm so sick of everyone saying how close Dan and Nonno were, and the reason that people keep saying it is because Dan keeps saying that nonno was his best friend. Well, Dan had a crappy way of showing it. He never did anything Nonno asked him to do and Nonno was always disappointed in Dan.

My grandma had a dream the other day, just before George passed away, about my Nonno, and in it he was angry at Jonas. Hmmm, I wonder what that could signify? Yet everyone's gone and interpreted it as an, "Oh yes, it was because Uncle George died." It couldn't have anything to do with Dan and Jonas going to Indy the weekend we were supposed to scatter the ashes.

PS. I really need to move on.

So anyway, the funeral should be sometime this week, and hopefully I get told today.

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