Monday, 29 September 2008

Aahh, so nice!

Today was absolutely lovely. It's like the first four hours didn't even exist.

After the essay was all handed in, I came home and immediately started cleaning my room. Everything's where it's supposed to be now. Except for a pile of books Emma returned to me that she had literally had for years. They do not fit on the bookshelf, so they are neatly standing in a pile next to it. I didn't end up buying myself organisational stuff.

Instead I did this:

I went and got my hair cut. It looks exactly the same as it did before, but the dead ends are chopped off. Judith - check out the photo on top of my TV - Medieval Times, oh yeah!
I also spent about an hour in Gloria Jeans reading Vanity Fair, then spent a whole heap of money I can't afford. I bought some shorts and a top from Glassons. I already have the top in navy, so I bought it in cream for summer cos it was on sale. Then because I spent over $50 I got a free $15 gift voucher, so I bought a henley top in the exact shade of blue to replace the henley top I just gave to the Salvos today. Yes, I cleaned out my wardrobe and discovered that I need more summer stuff. This happens to me every year - i just manage to have my wardrobe looking winter awesome, and then it's too hot to wear anything again.
So yeah, just a generally really good day.


Nicole said...

You and your cleaning freaks me out. But well done on finishing the essay! Yay! I do not miss that feeling of having 800 words to go and you just can't do it!

Kelly said...

oh i get the cleaning. it evens your mind out and cleanses your world.
i like your hair. i'm going to get my chunky colours re-done next week. i'm feeling electric blue...