Monday, 15 September 2008

Can't be arsed

There's too many bad vibes in the house at the moment. There's Miranda, the mess, and now Nadia is batshit crazy, plus the people in the back house keep writing messages on the whiteboard about things they're cranky about. The first message was about people not washing their stuff properly. How many times have I had to rewash their stuff the next morning because it's still dirty? And last night they put a message on the board about people leaving the shower dripping in the main bathroom, and to turn it off. But how many times have I gone past their shower and the tap is dripping? I don't make a fuss, I just turn that shit off. Things like that aren't hurting anyone. They're annoying, but not making the place unbearable to live in.

The mess is.

Seriously, just wipe down the bench after you've cooked. Why is that difficult. Isn't it just a habit after years and years? I hardly ever used to cook when I lived at home, yet on those odd occasions I did I cleaned everything up afterwards. And why would you keep piling things into the recycling bin if it's full? Empty it. Which is what I'll have to do now.

I know, I go over this a lot on here, but it's all the more annoying now. I think everyone's gotten to the point in the house that they hate everyone else and everything everyone does.

In other news, Jonas came up to visit on Saturday night. I wanted to show him a good time in town. HA! Oxymoron. It was a shit night and I felt so bad. He came all the way up here to do absolutely nothing.

Oh well.

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