Thursday, 18 September 2008

How cultured of me!

So last night I went to see a production of Twelfth Night that was on at the uni. It was a pretty good interpretation, though for some reason they decided to make the ending a tragedy rather than the comedy it's supposed to be. But I can live with that.

In a testament to the power of Oprah (like I needed proof), today I'm going to go out and buy a cork board to turn into my "vision board". Basically what I have to do is put my goals on it or something so I can visualise them actually happening. If that fails, at least I'll have a pretty board with nice pictures in my room! And it can't hurt.

I'm also going to turn one of my cahiers into a gratitude journal. I was going to go out and buy a completely new one but decided against it, due to poverty. (Speaking of which, I tried to withdraw $20 last night, but was declined. I just checked my account and had over $100. Stupid bank trying to embarrass me in the store.) But meanwhile, the gratitude journal is where at the end of each day, even if it was the shittiest day in the history of shitty days, you write down something positive that you are grateful for.

This positive thinking stuff can't hurt.

Oh, and as a sign that I'm MEANT to be in Germany next year, both Rachel AND Nicole Mac will be living over in Europe at the same time. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but I'm using it as a sign. Rachel asked if I'll be there at Christmas, which I will, and if she could spend Christmas with me cos she didn't want to spend it with strangers or alone. Meanwhile, she'll make so many new friends over there that she'll forget about me (lol!) but I was like, "Bitch please! Like you get a choice. You're staying with me, we're going to drink warm red wine at the Christkindlmarket and we're going to have a(nother) freezing cold Christmas." Meanwhile, I so haven't checked any of this out with Lara. Lol. I'm just hoping for the best. Positive thoughts and all.

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