Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Mmmmmm, baking...

So I've decided to bake cookies today for tomorrow's funeral. I've decided to make the monster cookies that Jen Collopy made for that au pair cookie swap. God, I loved those cookies. I hope they turn out well.

On another note, last weekend I asked my manager if I could use her as a reference in getting a Christmas casual job, and she looked at me like a crazy woman.

"But you'll be getting so many hours here!" she said.

"Well, can you guarantee that? Because last Christmas I was lucky to be getting 14 hours a week, and coupled with the thousand times I had to move and the expensive rent etc. I was on struggle street."

"Well, you'll definately be doing at least the full 30 hours per week that you can do as a casual, and we will be making a few fulltime contracts for the Christmas period, so you may get one of those."

Sounds good to me. The way the General Manager, David, put it, sounded like I'd definately be getting one cos I'm on the merch team.

I know it sounds silly, but I really was hoping for a second job. I was going to set up a specific bank account for that job so the money could go into a separate account and I'd never see it. Now I need to actually learn how to save. Inconceivable!!!


Nicole Mac said...

You can still do that Sarah! Here is what I have:

Streamline account - where my pay goes into.
Expenses account - Where I transfer money into for all my essentials (ie petrol, rent, food, bills etc) and that is ALL it is for.
High interest rate savings account - Where I put money into for my trip, I am not allowed to touch it. Money goes in, but does not come out.
Mojo account - Where I put between $20 and $100 in a week. I do not touch this count at all. This the 'rainy-day' account but I plan on using this money - once I have enough, to invest.

Soooo, why not transfer a certain amount of money (say $100 a week or whatever) into a seperate account and that is your savings. Make sure to get a good high-interest rate account. So far Bank West is the best, but ING is good as well.

I have an aweome book called, 'The Barefoot Investor' which has really good tips on how to save!

Nicole said...

I made a blog too!! its

I can see this becoming addictive!