Friday, 2 January 2009


Nicole McDougall is coming to visit me next week! So excited, and in preparation I have begun to clean my room. So far I have opened a bag of garbage bags. The rest will happen, naturally.

I spent the day with Kate and Liz which was good fun. We went to the beach for a few hours and then I gorged on fish and chips. I randomly got slightly burnt on my upper-right thigh. It now resembles a ham.

I other news, we're starting to plan Angela's hen's night, although it is more a hen's weekend, and I'm starting to worry. First, they want to do one of those stripper cruises like Studs Afloat. I know that this is standard hen's night tom-foolery (such an underused word!), but have I mentioned before that male strippers make me dry heave? The thrusting, the fake tan, the body oil, the g-strings (also, when did g's start being called "g-bangers"? not a fan), the obvious over-indulgence of protein skakes = vomiting a little in my mouth. Yeah, that's my idea of a good night out. And ew, the guy on the website has a nipple ring. Ew ew ew ew.

So apparently we're staying in a hotel that night, then the next day doing pole dancing lessons, then having dinner at a Greek restaurant in Parra, then the next day is some pamper thing and then the Bridal Shower. Phew. So much. I've opted out of the pamper thing because it already looks like it's going to cost a heap, and I've said I'll set up for the bridal shower. That weekend is going to be so exxie - first the present (what's the going rate for the shower - $100?), then the accom costs plus everything else. So not in the mood.


Nicole said...

ARGH! I've been given a shift saturday night! I'm gonna try my hardest to get rid of it but heaps of people have NAed. What the eff!! Okay I will work it out!

Sarah said...

That's Ok. I just hate you, is all. :P