Thursday, 1 January 2009

Oh, and

continuing with my love affair with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera:

He recognised her despite the uproar, through his tears of unrepeatable sorrow
at dying without her, and he looked at her for the last and final time with eyes
more luminous, more grief-stricken, more grateful than she had ever seen them in
half a century of a shared life, and he managed to say to her with his last

"Only God knows how much I loved you."

So I've decided to start doing what Oprah does (stop hating! This is a good idea, and I'm not just doing it cos Oprah does it. Or at least, it isn't the only reason) and that is to underline the passages that I love and put a little post-it flag on them. At first I felt bad about doing it, but I'd love to go back and read just those passages.

Speaking of books, I only managed to read 25 novels this year. That's compared with the 57 novels I managed to read in 2007, but that said, for half of '07 I was practically a stay-at-home mum with nothing better to do, and then for the other half I was unemployed or casually employed. And this year was nuts with uni. And yes, I keep a list of all the books I read. I started in '07 to keep track of what I've read so I don't double up too much, even though I still do love to reread.


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